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Review by sanchola on 2007-09-13
POWAY, CALIFORNIA -- These are now known as "Township at Old Poway". I guess they had to change their name because of the bad reputation they gained under the name "Silver Oak". That being said, I think that the reputation was well deserved.

I rented here for a year and would strongly advise anyone else against making the same mistake I did. The managers have a nasty attitude and are seldom helpful. The rent is expensive ($1100+ for a one bedroom) considering all the fixtures are old, there is no central air conditioning and no appliances.

All summer long, they do landscaping at 7:00 am, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't insist on using LEAF BLOWERS to pick up leaves and grass from the tiny yard. In addition to the grossly overpriced rent, utilities are not included, and the water company is very dysfunctional. They seem unable to send you a bill, but will sic the management company on you when they feel they need to be payed. Needless to say, these people have never put the words cheerful and demeanor together in a sentence.

This has probably been the worst decision I've ever made. Since day one the management has been surly, unhelpful, and just outright nasty; the only way they will communicate with their tenants is through nasty letters they post on your door. The maintenance crew looks like their lifelong dream has been to be in MS-18 or the Mexican Mafia, but didn't have the people skills. The Assistant Manager, who will remain nameless -but her friends refer to her as the Wicked Witch of the West's mean stepsister- is incompetent on good days, and an outright shrew on the bad ones.

The interior of the units is absolutely the worst: too hot in summer, too cold in the wintertime and dark all year round. All the fixtures are old and of the lowest quality. The horrid management is all too eager to threaten you with legal action over any slight oversight on your -or their- behalf.

Concerning the "amenities", there is a tiny pool somewhere, but I've never used it, the laundry rooms are often overcrowded and have the feel of a Turkish prison in serious need of redecoration. There is also a small gym on the premises with substandard equipment and again, subject to overcrowding during most of the day.

Every month or so the community schedules "inspections" of the units. Of course they usually notify you on Sunday night that they are coming in on Monday morning to spray for cockroaches, check the smoke alarms or inspect the fire extinguisher. Often times this means emptying the shelves, covering the furniture, and vacating the drawers. Failures to comply will result in them levying a $500 fine or some other equally outrageous penalty.

Fortunately, I no longer live there. However, even the apparently simple task of notifying the management of my intent to vacate was a tortuous quagmire involving several trips to the office and several e-mails to the management company. I have yet to receive my deposit, but harbor serious doubts about ever seeing this money again. In all sincerity, the forfeiture of the deposit is a small price to pay for preserving what little sanity I have left after the harrowing experience of renting here for a year.

Overall, if you enjoy paying too much for pain and suffering, this is the place for you. The sadists who administrate the place will make you feel right at home.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-13:
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-13:
We looked at buying a house in Poway long ago but passed onit as the area was just so poorly managed by the county and city.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-13:
I don't know where Poway is, but this place sounds like somewhere I definitely wouldn't want to live. Good thing you were able to move--sounds like it was a horrible experience. I hate management companies that can never get it right, but, like you said, as soon as they can, they come down hard on you. Your post was well written.
Posted by sanchola on 2007-09-14:
@stevefromsocal: No, never got evicted, I left voluntarily.
Posted by kahuja79 on 2007-12-16:
I agree with this user wholeheartedly. I moved there in that complex in April and when I first moved in, things were fine. They were actually nice. Then all of a sudden start asking them anything and they get all rude and nasty. Not only that, try to be nice and pleasant with them on the phone and they are even more rude!!! Recently the apartment complex changed names, yet again and are now known as Summerlyn Apartments. New management says they are nicer and better changes are ahead! Lol, yeah right. The new management is just as worse! They have been there for over a month and they still havent fixed the lights in laundry room as every time I go in there its always dark. Not only that, the new manager Michelle is a VERY rude lady. I really wonder what type of people management companies hire as their front guys cause a)they never smile, and b)they always seem rude. I recently found a new apartment complex which has much nicer management, a staff that is willing to work with you on things and overall the unit is much nicer with better appliances, tile floors, and a nice bathroom! Not only that, I am still close to all the shopping, movie theaters, and I even have convenient access to both the 56, 15, and the 5! Its even a gated community which means not anyone can get in! The only thing I dont like so far about this new complex is the tight parking spots. But I cant really blame the management for that. Its more the people who think that they can drive huge trucks and Hummers in these apartment complexes.

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