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Review by brynze on 2007-09-14
HAVERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I called over a month ago and they couldn't get to my house for a month! I live in PA. They came today unannounced - no reminder... i was leary from the get go and certain that they'd try and scam me for more money somehow! I should of gone with my gut feeling cause that's exactly what they did... and now MY prescious time has been wasted and that's worse to me than being overcharged! The guy wanted to charge me $100 more than what I was quoted on the phone! I don't know why
he was coming into my home and quoting me in the first place when they already take care of that when they schedule the appt on the phone. I just said forget it and let him leave. It's the principal. Anymore everywhere you go your being totally up charged. I couldn't even believe it! I only did this because three Best Buy Sales Reps in the store all told me over and over to just
bring out geek squad and they'll do everything I needed for $199. That a deal they offer...They assured me over and over and over again... Then I spent close to 1 hour on the phone
setting this appointment up with the Geek Squad rep regarding the charge it would cost to bring someone out here! I went over everything price point per price point, and made sure they weren't going to show up and do this to me! They have a deal where supposedly they'll network your house - computers and peripherals for $199. this idiot showed up and stated charging me set fee's for anything I showed him to install (like printer/ scanner) Very easy things - not what I was quoted and not what they proclaim... I am literally so disgusted that I will never even shop at Best Buy again. I will happily drive a few blocks more to Circuit City, or solely shop on line. So tired of these huge company's trying to rob you blind!

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