Wired Plastic Informative - Claims bulids credit-does not

Review by Anonymous on 2003-03-31
I've gone around to all the major boards and posted messages about this while we wait for law enforcement officals to take action against this company. The deal is this: This debit card claims to report to credit bureaus through their extensive partner network on the internet. It does not...and cannot. The fees are really absurd and it's just one more thing that people are going to learn,even after paying all those fees,
nothing is going to be reported to the bureaus.
I have a complete report here:
Special report Thanks for helping me get the word out about this fraud.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-31:
Ops. Can't post a direct url! Go to bryon.us/reports/sp1.html to learn more about this fraud.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-02:
Hi again!
I grew tired of trying to get the marketer and the supplier of this card to quit telling these lies, so I decided on a front-end campaign to the affliates. What happened yesterday is even more telling about what is company is about-making money even if they have to lie to people. :(
One of the affliates responded with, "I just spoke to them! You're wrong. It will report to the bureaus." Right. To give the Devil his due, I decided, since they had ignored my emails, to call them just as this fellow had. Straight from page one of the con man's guide to scamming people, they said, "Ohhhh...we didn't know the marketing company was making those claims. We'll take care of that." Oh. Ok. Does the card report?
"No. Not at this time. We are in negotiations with the bureaus and it *MIGHT* report the $6.95 monthly fee to the bureaus after about 45 days."
Geee. If we were dealing with honest people, that claim would have disappeared from the commission-based marketer's webpage immediately, right? Of course. Fact: It's still there...a little over 18 hours since this discovery of the false claim.
Fact: I fully expect that claim to be there long after this post is made. Fact: We are not dealing with honest people here.
Posted by julierich on 2007-03-15:
I agree with this person. This company is the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. I am homeless because of this so called bank.

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