R Place Complaint - Italian Manure! You Must Eat It! -(Per The Owner)

Review by misthequeen on 2007-09-16
WISCONSIN DELLS, WISCONSIN -- It's pretty obvious that this little "cozy" family owned restraint is run by cheap bargain shopping owners. We caught a glimpse in the kitchen & noticed a large jar of Minestrone soup (which they thrived is best!) that we saw the prior day at Wal-Mart in a big jar! All the dishes used the same red marinara sauce on the pizza bread- Lasagna- rigatoni- garlic broccoli shrimp and spaghetti. So it was like eating the same 8 dishes!

They were out of steaks and chicken.
They sat us at a table that had the prior guest's teacups still with the bags in them.

Gross - We constantly told the waitress to bring out each item, first soup... waited.... then salad.. waited.. on and on.
Waitress spoke minimal English-
Food came out to table 1 hour later- no apologies.
Food portions served on small dinner plates (at $20bucks a crack!)

Lasagna was a brick of noodles, looked like bread, with same sauce as all other dishes. Little cheese. Couldn't eat. Because out of steak and chix being out, chef offered to make his specialty of fried chicken breasts - not on menu. Thought ok, but should have known that was the first sign this was a bad place. Don't even have standard American dishes in a major family city - WI DELLS??????

Chicken was defrosted and fried in pan, not even crispy. Served on bare plate with just this weird colored chicken breast and that's it. Nothing else, not even garnish. Looked and had no flavor-Couldn't eat.& Served with smallest plate of noodles and once again, more red sauce like all others..
Spaghetti was luke warm and same sauce as all other items, meatballs x-tra 3.95/one - rip off. couldn't eat.

Shrimp/broccoli/ in light garlic sauce- way to potent, same red sauce as all other dishes, shrimp was frozen, entire dish tasted like fish.- couldn't eat. Sigh said FRESH SEAFOOD. HA!
Salad was just a batch of oily lettuce, no flavor in dressing. Asked for more dressing in hopes it got better- did't work.

Olive oil, soup and dressings were watered down on purpose. Bread so hard it made your gums bleed.

-Worst part-
after tasting each dish and disgusted by each, asked owner to step on side of bar; where no customers could hear, and simply explained our dis-satisfactions.
She threw a fit! She got real loud and argued with me non stop, made a huge scene and brought it out into the dinning area where she made a fool out of us in front of other customers. Kept repeating they've served 93 customers tonight and we're first to complain. I think its because they were scared.

Owners were constantly in everyone's face talking about themselves. How they started, on and on...Got old real quick. She went in kitchen, got the chef (husband) who came out and got 2x as loud and argued the food saying it's the best etc..he served 93 guests that night and they already served it, you must try to eat it! over and over...

We came to agreement we'd pay for drinks, soup and salads - bill they gave for this was $85!

We gave back and said No, come up with something else, that's ridiculous!
the returned again with $62!

That's $7.95/person for that horrible soup and salad and then drinks were even more highly priced. We paid simply because we felt it was only fair for what we already ate, but later only to feel foolish for doing so.

As we walked out the door, the female owner followed us and talked smack to the other customers about us. I finally said I was turning her into the BBB or the cops for harassment, whichever came first.

As other new people sat and reviewed the menu, they were also told a big NO they were out of that item. I hope that if that table is reading this, that means they are still alive because lodging a complaint at this place means life or death. And if you eat the food you have no other choice but death.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-16:
They were out of chicken,then they had it?
Posted by Starlord on 2007-09-16:
What does 'which they thrived the best' mean? This really doesn't sound like someplace I would eat, but I wouldn't wait until I had rung up almost a $100 bill to complain. I would have complained after the first course, then if they didn't do the second one right, I'd be out of there.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-09-17:
SL maybe it is like the "Sigh said FRESH SEAFOOD" Could there have been a communication issue since the OP claims they didn't speak english well and it doesn't sound like she has a good grasp being understood or word usage either.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-09-17:
While you didn't like the food, it probably was eatable. Of course the owners will be defensive and insulted, Maybe Gordon Ramsay needs to stop by there and kick some you know what.
Posted by jenjenn on 2007-09-17:
I loved Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey, and I look forward to the new show. However, I'm afraid I will never be able to eat out again!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-17:
Sounds like an Italian version of Taco Bell. I seem to remember no matter what you ate at Taco Bell it tastes the same.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-18:
Italian Taco Bell - lol
Posted by RSguy on 2010-05-08:
I've eaten at R Place half a dozen times and never been dissapointed. Large portion sizes and reasonable prices. They are rated pretty high on travel advisor as well. I do understand the langauge barrier, its a big deal everywhere in the dells as bringing in foreign workers is the only way to staff the town.

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