Green Ford LLC Complaint - What a Shame - Very Poor Indeed

Review by parrotgirl on 2007-09-19
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Until they clean up their act (if they do) never, never go to Green Ford to buy a car. Initially, everything looks pretty much just like any more modern dealerships in the US but after the initial contact, everything morphs into something else. Sadly - this is probably similar to many car dealerships today. They use all of the "techniques" of keeping you in the showroom for hours while they return to your location periodically where you are left waiting wondering what the heck you're doing there and just where are they anyway???? If you're trading in a vehicle, they take your keys and keep them while the vehicle is "appraised" and afterward just to have you nice and trapped. The communication is VERY poor, almost nonexistent other than that which closes your deal. They repeatedly tell you that you will be sent a survey by Ford and if they do not get 100% satisfied rating - they have failed.

Well guess what? They have FAILED big time. After you leave, (and possibly even before) phone calls are not returned and it is rare to actually ever talk to a real person. They are not prompt about paying off your trade either. They will try to sell you the usual ripoff contracts and services and they're actually pretty good at doing that. I discovered after the fact that the GAP coverage that I bought while there that cost me $400 was easily available for $135 through my financial institution.

I do love my car but regret that they made anything off of me. The whole experience was bad from start to finish and it's not over yet. In summary - a motley fool I'm not but a fool - yes, I am for ever having dealt with them. They bring a whole new meaning to the sleazy reputation of car sales. Learn from my experience - don't go there.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-19:
The point about GAP insurance is valid though, it costs about 400% more if you buy it from the auto dealer, than it does if you get it at your financial institution.
Posted by parrotgirl on 2007-09-19:
JayD - I have bought cars before. I wasn't born yesterday. I have had bad experiences before as well in car dealerships but not as bad as this one. Yes, I knew what to expect and yes, I did my homework prior to going in. I got a reasonable deal on the car. However, I must say that if this is the way ALL dealerships did business, fewer cars would be sold at all. You're right -- why didn't I simply walk out of there? In retrospect I SHOULD HAVE. My post is to help others know what they are in for if they go to this dealership. I have now refinanced my new car AND cancelled this GAP insurance policy. Lesson learned. I do think it's very sad that car dealerships have had to resort to such underhanded methods to sell cars PERIOD. I want a dealership that doesn't mind communicating with me AFTER they've got my money. Is that too much to ask?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-19:
parrotgirl: You should have walked out - fast !
Posted by parrotgirl on 2007-09-20:
I would like to add a positive comment about a positive experience that I had in buying a car several years ago. It was at Carmax in Greensboro, NC. Best car buying experience I've EVER had. I hope the present purchase lasts for a long time because if this is what can be expected.....I don't want to buy any more cars. They're so not worth it! Hmmmm...I suppose those car salesman know a thing or two about new car values because most of them seem to drive an older model that's been around for quite some time:)

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