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Review by whiteport 100 on 2007-09-21
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- Hi, I am a buyer and seller on eBay. Prior to bidding on items from a seller last week I had a 100% rating. I placed a total of 4 bids with a seller last week. The first two auctions went off last Friday and Saturday. I paid immediately through PayPal. When I looked over the bills, It seems that I was not the winner of the second purchase.Someone else won the auction. I was the second highest bidder. I never received a second chance offer, just the bill. I believed I won the auction and paid right away.
I complained to eBay. The seller threatened me to take my negative feedback off or he would not send me my items. Meanwhile I won 2 more of his auctions. I contacted eBay, sent the threatening email, told them about the abusive phone call that he made to my house and got "Canned response" about how to withdrawal feedback.What is this?????

I don't want to deal with this person again. He manipulated the eBay system somehow. Ebay states that that is impossible. I even gave them the winning bidder's name and they claim that I opted for a second chance offer which I did not.

They claim that I should pay for the last two items and if I don't get my merchandise, make a claim to PayPal.I was scammed out of $30.00 already, why put out good money after bad. By the way, this seller had 45 mutually withdrawn feedbacks for a 6 month period. Ebay doesn't seem to notice this at all. Beware of eBay's policies. I sent them the threatening emails. They have a page that deals with feedback extortion. This case fits the bill to a tee. Yet they advise me to pay for the last two auctions and then make a claim to PayPal. Shouldn't there be a law against this?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-21:
I've heard a lot of complaints about e-bay.
Posted by JC on 2007-12-22:
When you receive the eBay "canned" responses to your carefully writting and extensive emails- you have to feel duped! They don't read your info. Many can't read English nor understand the words you have written. That is why they use the canned resplies which usually do not address anything relavant to your convern, complaint or email. But, let me warn you- do not respond with a complaint about their inept employees b/c I promise they will read that one and act on it ASAP... it will be bye-bye you and no one on eBay will ever know what happened to you.. sorta like the Wizzard of Oz eBay behind the curtain.
Posted by ebay_ball_buster on 2008-01-15:
YEAH! JC BIRMINGHAM - This person hit the nail on the head. Check out Craigs List or Amazon.com.

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