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Review by analyst34 on 2007-09-24
DE BORGIA, MONTANTA -- I am truly sorry for what I have been through the past 2 or 3 weeks with tech support for such simple account maintenance issues. I have no issues with the billing department - they have helped and intervened and they are the reason I chose to come back and put all my accounts through IPower.
Why in a nut shell, I was locked out of my main account (password was invalid for more than 36 hours with no recourse but to move my accounts). I have put in many requests to have this fixed with very little responses. I don't know what has happened to IPower but I used to think you were the greatest company for web hosting, I have been sadly disappointed lately due to tech service. For the reasons, closely examine all of the trouble tickets and conversations. I would really appreciate the full credits for the nearly 2 years of services already paid for regarding my accounts. Billing was wonderful and the few emails they sent made me apologize and give IPower another chance. They are a great department.

1. IPower did not create accounts and transfer over the domain registry from Go-Daddy back in June 2007.

2. They did not transfer my account domain names to IPower, after saying they would.

3. They seemed to know nothing about it after it took place (transfer of the two domains above). My domains were in the process of expiring and Go-Daddy was going to charge me $80.00 each to renew cuase of the timing. IPower was then supposed to then be the registrar for these accounts. If they had done this 3 weeks ago instead of 2 days ago things would have been a lot better.

4. I registered the domains with other companies, after the multiple trouble tickets did not get resolved. I then simply wanted my main account ***.com to stay as it was. I was happy with that and I renewed that domain name through IPower - no problems until I could not log in for several days and I found that unacceptable. Yes, I contacted support with trouble tickets. I would still be waiting. I am in the process of changing my summer information to the winter information for my business company. Unable to do it.

5. I (after registering ***.com with easy-cgi hosting) I then signed up for
a new account for ***.com with IPower. I am in the process of updating a new site for ***.com in XHTML & CSS coding and wanted to keep the blackdiamondguestranchandresort.com in tact (HTM coding). I was paid in full for the year. No reason I couldn't have 2 accounts for 2 completely different sites. But no, this could not be accomplished. I ask you, does the subject line of this letter state Re: MERGED?

I have my new site up http://www.***.com and things are working great. I would have had it completed by now but all this time spending on these occurrences has put me behind one week with my promises to our linked advertisers and associates. No thanks to IPower tech support.

I have my existing site migrated and up at http://www.***.com
Guess what, it is even being hosted by the same company that is hosting ***.com. The separate accounts were no issue at all and in fact were set up with full access in less than 12 hours. The prices would surprise you too. Less then $7.00 a month. The one account ***.com is only $4.95 total.

6. I am getting Service Satisfaction Up-Time and courteous timely responses from support services regarding these accounts.

7. Regarding IPower, I have been a loyal client for the past 2 years. I was paid for the next 2 years ahead. I have a growing business that has over 90% grown solely due to our web site. IPower has failed us in our time of need. It made me upset to not be listened to in all of my trouble tickets. I am not a stupid ignorant person. I have a plan and I trusted you to make it work. Your company did not hear our requests. Plain and Simple. I then changed my way of conducting business at a substantial cost of intensive hours of labor and time spent resolving these issues myself, due to the lack of adequate support from your team. Additional expenses were spent registering our domains due to the fact they were elapsed at the time of renewal.
No excuses, please refund all monies paid to IPower. This is the third time I have sent you my response. Please Credit our account or I am going to register formal complaints with ICANN and Others.

NOte: I requested my first refund early Sept. 2007. IPower has sent me over 30 requests for the reason why after my repeated explanations. I have yet to receive a dime or any help. We are hiring attorneys to collect our refunds. Also an interesting article on them at this link. Jeanne


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