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Review by scenic_point on 2007-09-25
After being associated with this company for several months in Northern California, I want to alert as many job seekers as possible about this company unscrupulous business practices and enlightened as many people as possible of the risk they run when associating themselves with this company.

Almost everything they told me from day one was a lie and I am not even going to go into all the silly non-relevant, immaterial lies we were all told just because it seemed to be what our RGA was comfortable with.

First, I (and many others) were told that we would have a guaranteed income for six months. After devoting weeks, sometimes months, to training without pay, we were told we would only get the guarantee if we sold a certain amount, but just a few weeks later, even the required amount was raised. Conveniently, the commission on the new required amount is more than the guarantee promised. So, there is NO guarantee.

Then, we were promised we would always get new union and association leads, that there were thousands of new leads coming in weekly and that we would never be responsible to generate our own leads. Then, a few weeks into it, we were told we would only get 100 leads per month. Then, this fell down to 50 leads per month. Then, the truth fell out - we are responsible to generate our own referrals and no new leads are guaranteed after the first few weeks of being out in the field.

This would be bad enough, but adding to this is the fact that nearly all the new leads given to new reps were gone over by the RGA, who cherry picked the 'good' ones before passing the ones she couldn't contact or, found to be disqualified on to the new reps. This was evident when on booking nights, many of us would call on our precious leads only to be told that she had contacted them just the week before and had told her they weren't interested.

Even worse, was the fact that we all found ourselves driving miles to make a presentation often to find out that another company agent had been there just days or, weeks before.

In our office, it was not unusual for new employees to be hired over the phone without even a face to face meeting. This now seemed to be happening so the hiring agent could collect her new hire pay and NO support was given to these new hires, making their investment in a ALTIG 'career' futile at best.

Making things worse still was the fact that we were told NOT to explain our policies fully, not to go into any provisions or, detail or, legalities. This led to many of us being faced with policy owners who had been misled by the oversimplification of ALTIG products given upon their sale.

On top of all of this - getting paid is never assured. Not only can it take weeks to get your first paycheck after making your first sale, but thereafter, you may see weeks that your check simply doesn't show without as much as a 'sorry.'

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Posted by EGiordano on 2007-12-29:
I was hired as an agent with American Income Life about three weeks ago. After laying out about $490 for licensing and travel up to Denver for a week, I started field "training" -- without any compensation.

During this time, in the midst of my unscheduled and unpaid 12-14 hour days, I consistently witnessed agents lying to prospective clients AND prospective new hires. They also require new agents to learn various scripts, word-for-word, before they would release us on our own to start earning income. These scripts were also very misleading in many ways. Needless to say, I had some serious problems with this way of doing business...

So, I confronted the issue with my field trainer. His response was simply a pathetic attempt at justification. I even called my dad and asked his advice on how to confront the situation. [That was almost a once-in-a-lifetime thing!] I decided I'd play their game until I could get out on my own, then I would conduct my business in an honest and ethical manner. What a concept!!!

I didn't bring it up again with any managers until after a week and a half in field training. I did, however, make the mistake of mentioning on various occasions to fellow trainee agents that I was not happy about being forced to be dishonest each time I came in contact with a prospect. They seemingly had no issues with it, as they obviously complained to our manager about it.

Then I arrived in the office after lunch one day. Louis, my 20-year-old, money hungry manager, tells the other two new agents to leave his office. So I'm left there alone with him as he asks me straight out if I want to work there anymore. I had mixed thoughts on the matter, so I said yes, however, I feel there are some serious issues that need to be addressed. We then talked a few more minutes about all these issues, only for Louis to conclude that I was a negative influence on the other trainee's and the office as a whole. And I wasn't willing to work hard enough. [This stems from the fact that I had a serious problem with being dishonest...and because I was unwilling to arrive each morning promptly at 8 am and stay until 9:45 pm; with NO COMPENSATION.]

I was then impolitely asked to leave because I was unwilling to accept their way of doing business.
So, needless to say, not only am I out a job, I just laid out almost $500 for a job that no longer exists. Not to mention wasting almost an entire month!

You have no idea how badly I desire to see a few life insurance policies paid out...

I want to tell EVERYONE I come in contact with about this company, and to make sure you never do business with this organization. YOU WORK TOO HARD TO WASTE YOUR MONEY.

I am personally beginning AN HONESTY CAMPAIGN. Something they cannot even comprehend! It goes against their very nature!!!

Please help me in this fight. Tell your friends, family and whoever about this company. I hope you understand my utter frustration and desire to have this situation rectified.

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