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Review by mnmkid on 2007-09-25
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Trial coffee delivery by mail has turned into weekly delivery instead of monthly deliveries. I have received and been charged for 8 deliveries of coffee in 5 weeks. I was supposed to receive one order delivered per month and that should not have started until after I had a trial period with this first coffee delivery. The only way to stop this seems to be putting a stop on my credit card account and/or charge the company with credit card theft for unauthorized withdrawals from my credit card. This company is practicing credit card theft by dumpng these unauthorized deliveries on customers.

I hope all that have been scammed by this company report these folks to the proper authorities.

I intend to. I also plan to boycott Seattle's Best coffee companies until they step up and assist in stopping these people. I encourage all to do the same.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-26:
I think you are referring to seattlecoffeedirect.com, which is not affiliated with Seattles Best Coffee. seattlecoffeedirect.com is located in Evanston,Illinois, while Seattles Best Coffee was founded in Seattle.
Posted by mnmkid on 2007-09-26:
Yes, I realize the difference in companies....but one (Seattle Coffee)company is big enough to pull in some control on the other company(Seattle coffee direct)for using a very similar name. I,as one person, don't have a lot of clout. But Seattle Coffee Direct...seems to be using Seattle's best coffee companies name as a draw to get you to notice their product. Guilt by associated names should be reason enough for Seattle coffee to do some hard line reigning in on this awful Seattle coffee (direct)copy cat.
99% of people I asked thought they were one and the same company.1 % said they dint drink coffee and couldn't care less. All said they would buy from Seattle Direct because they associated it with Seattle's Best Coffee company. So..Seattle's best Coffee company....you had better beware. You will take the fall for this bad company's practices.
Folks believe you are one and the same. Not to mention they think Seattle Direct's coffee is a terrible coffee and also attribute all of it's bad taste to the Seattle Bests coffee shops. We have had a big change in the most favored coffee shops at my place of work...all coffee drinkers have gone back to Starbucks after tasting my "Seattle" coffee Direct product. Even when they were told it is a different company. They still had doubts. They say it is all in the name...and Seattle Coffee Direct has damamged the name.
And they don't want to take a chance with their coffee. We are all night shift workers.Sooo...back to Starbucks we all go. No hassel with Starbucks. Just good coffee. So Seattle's Best is going to take the blame whether they are the same cmpany or not. It has already started. And believe me...if anyones tried to start up a Starbucks Direct and copy catted their name. They wouldn't stand for that for a minute. They would stop that silliness toot sweet.
Seattle's best should have done the same. I am sure my company isn't the only company that has reverted back to Starbucks and is avoiding Seattle's Best because of the similarity in name of this other company.
It's not something most people will research . They look at the package name. They taste how terrible it is..and then they go somewhere else for their next cup. And it will not be anything with the Seattle name on it......
I will continue to brew this Seattles Direct Coffee. I send bags of it all around the building. This coffe really tastes bad. All blame Seattle's Best and have turned away from that company...as well as Seattle Direct. So...let the chips fall...
I plan to put a stop on my account for any future payment to this company. And complain to BBB. And drop in to my local Seattle Best's and tell them why 200 people a day are missing from their parking lot.
The rest of the world can handle it in their own way.
Posted by S. on 2007-09-26:
I'm looking forward to Chapter II of this dramatic novel.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-09-26:
What?? You want Seattle's Best Coffee to intervine in a dispute you have with a completely different entity, out of Illinois no less, because their name is similar?
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-09-26:
Ponie, Chapter II is ready for mailing and Chapter III will follow in a week. I'll need your CC# if you please.

Mnmkid, I don't recall any mention of verbal contact with this company. If you did contact them, what was their response? Why would you want to boycott Seattle's Best Coffee because another company has a similar name? It happens all the time with other companies. When they have enough, they take care of it.

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