Hotel Gioberti - Rome, Italy Complaint - Theft from hotel room safe

Review by ddb on 2007-09-27
We recently traveled to Italy and stayed in the HOTEL GIOBERTI in Rome, Italy. We and our traveling companions (who were also staying at the hotel) went to dinner and before doing so put our money belts in our respective hotel room safes (5 digit codes). We were gone two hours. In the morning we checked our money belt for cash and found it gone ($1000). We told our fellow travelers who checked and found that their cash ($500) was also gone. We went to the front desk and after explaining what had happened we were told that it was "impossible". We explained that, indeed, it WAS possible. They admitted that the manager had access to the safes. We asked to speak to the manager and was told she was home and did not speak English and that there was nothing they could do! We both filed police reports but have not had any feedback.

This is about the most unusual theft we've ever heard of. Beware of the Hotel Gioberti - do NOT trust them.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-27:
Yes, Alley, they do. But, once when we locked ourselves out of our safe, a hotel employee showed us just how easy it is for them to open it up with the special device they have. (Otherwise, they would never be able to use the safes again when someone leaves the hotel.) So, if there is a dishonest employee, they can have access to as many safes as they want. How does anyone prove they had anything in the safe? They can't. That's how they get you. Your word against theirs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-27:
'dianec' is correct again !
Posted by Timboss on 2007-09-28:
Too bad you don't speak Italian - you could have called the police. Then at least you would have had a police report to give to your insurance company.

Thanks for the advice on not staying there.

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