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Review by tylerhoney on 2007-09-27
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been having trouble with my MN3500W Everex computer. I have called for help three times. This has not helped. I just want it looked at, but they keep on giving me the support department. Soon I will get rid of this piece of crap.It freezes up and is very slow. It freezes no matter what you are doing. It even freezes when you are running a spyware program.

I just want my laptop fixed. It like I am asking them to give me an arm and a leg.
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Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-09-27:
Never heard of Everex.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-27:
Everex is owned by the Formosa Plastics Group. Interestingly their web pages say noting about manufacturing computers. About the only place you can by an Everex is Wally World or Sam's.
Posted by Jezikahs on 2007-10-29:
Trust Me I DEFINITLY feel the same way. I bought my Everex Step Note around the end of March 2007. The day after I bought it I had issues with it so I took it back to Circuit City where I had bought it. They were not helpful at all. I found the target of my problems with the computer where the updates, So I ended up getting rid of all the vista updates and the computer worked great for a few months then all of a sudden boom everything went hay wire. From the get go every time I plugged the power cord in my computer would spark or the other way the wall plug would spark. I never really thought about it I just figured it was normal. I had tons of problems with this computer it has a mind of it own. Later on I ended up having more issues and Everex told me to wipe the hard drive clean with the disk I received in the box. YEAH right I never received a disk. So I took the thing back to the store and complained enough until I got one. I also was lucky enough for Circuit City to make a back up disk for me of all my pictures and different junk on my pc. THANKFULLY. About a week later I was using my pc and unplugged the power cord to go sit on my couch and the pc froze I turned it of as there was nothing else I could do. I called everex and they told me to restart it. I did everything they said and the computer did not ever work again. So I had to pay the shipping of $15.00 and insurance to mail it to the manufacturer. I mailed it to them on the 13th of October. I had told them numerous times the power cord sparks and when I took my flash drive out and put it in another computer it also did not work ever again. So it was fried. I got my pc back on Oct 26th 2007. The replaced the mother board and the hard drive and some other crap. They also partitioned my hard drive and then sent it back to me. I get it back all excited as I was without it for so long. My husband and I set it all back up with office and all the good stuff and my anti virus and everything took like two days. I am now noticing different things still wrong with it so I call back in and tell them look the battery will go dead now if I unplug it from the wall and the power cord still sparks when I plug it in. So now I get to ship the darn thing back after only having it a few days again. This time they are sending me a shipping label. But the bottom line is I called them everyday to find out what they were doing with my computer. EVERYDAY they had it. What kind of company will replace the fried parts but not fix the reason they were fried in the first place. And knowing that I have told them day after day about the power cord.

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