Bpp2.com Informative - Deception about product refund

Review by tiredofincomp on 2007-09-28
In late August 2007 I decided to buy some physical therapy items online. I discovered bpp2.com and ordered the items because they carried 2 different items I wanted and because they both had good prices and offered a first-time- customer discount offer.

About 5 days after ordering, the package was at my residence, but when I opened it, one item was completely wrong. I called immediately, spent over 15 min on the phone to get a "pick up ID number" so that the incorrect item (an item under $15.00), would be picked up by UPS. Also, I was told I would receive the correct item-- that the warehouse had given me an item with the wrong ID in error. I was told that UPS might pickup the item on Friday (2 days later), and that if not, it would be picked up the following week (it was Labor Day weekend, also). I was told I could just leave the item outside my front door for pickup.

When no one had picked up the item by the following Wednesday, I called again. This time I was told that the item I wanted was not in stock and that I could get a refund, instead. I wanted to know why I was told the prior week that I would receive the item I wanted if the item was not available. I thought there was a mix up and that the first person-- who researched the item numbers and assured me the item would be sent out to me-- was the person who had a better idea of what was going on. Finally, I asked to speak to a supervisor to try to get things clarified.

A supervisor was not available until the following day and only during my work hours. I was given a specific name, L., that I should ask for. I called the next day, spent several minutes on hold, asked for L., and as soon as L. picked up, she put me on hold. Fifteen minutes later I hung up and called in again. This time I asked to "speak to a supervisor." I was connected to D. She told me I would receive a credit on my credit card, that the item was "not available and might not be for 6 months," and that "it was not worth it" to pick up the item sent in error. She proceeded to tell me I could "tear up [the item] for all [she] cared." She was rude, never apologized, and never thanked me for being a customer.

I checked for the credit on my credit card after several days and then gave it a few more days when nothing had posted. Finally, over three weeks after I begin seeking replacement or refund, I called again. D. spoke with me again.

She said I would get the credit in a couple of days. This time she spent more time on the phone and actually took information from me. She gave me a "cm" number. I waited three days and called again when no credit was posted to my account.

Now it was a Friday and L. answered my call. She told me that there was a cm number in the computer, meaning I should receive the credit, but the person "who takes care of the credits is not in right now. I can try to email him and see if he can take care of it remotely." I told her that I was not going t o just wait a few more days since I had been told over 2 weeks before that I would receive a credit and nothing had been done.

On Monday at noon, I called again. I got L. again, and this time I was told "the credit will be put through today." The following day the credit was posted to my account.

I have only had this much trouble getting what I paid for (or a refund) one other time in my over 40 years on this planet. Never once was I contacted BY bpp2.com to inform me that the item I ordered was not available, or that UPS was not going to pick up the incorrect item that I was leaving on my doorstep every day for UPS to pick up. No one made any effort to contact me about the refund I was due.

Every time I spoke to the supervisors, especially D., I was treated discourteously. I never got a thank you or an apology from either supervisor. (The people I spoke to in customer service were polite, courteous and apologized for my frustration and the confusion over the order.)

I felt like D. was doing nothing to correct this problem and that I was constantly being told the problem would be rectified in hopes that I would just forget about the refund due me. I spent over 6 pone calls and at least an hour on the phone tryng to get the refund and verifying the status of the refund with the credit card company. Beyond that I had to find another merchant to get what I wanted.

I will never do business with these people again.

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