Wyndham Hotels and Resorts Complaint - Crying on Second Honeymoon

Review by Anonymous on 2003-04-18
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Having booked a stay at the Wyndham Aruba, I was so excited about my upcoming second honeymoon and could not wait for the months to pass so that the trip could be underway. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the Wyndham Resort, I entered a lobby half full of guests waiting to be registered and situated into rooms. I had made my reservations months in advance and yet my husband and I had to wait at least three hours for someone to give us information, despite our attempts to make headway. The room grew fuller as we waited, and the staff seemed more interested in those who arrived after my husband and I. THose who arrived appeared more affluent than we, and seemed to get better customer service and attention from the management. They seemed to be moved more quickly into their rooms event though they had arrived hours after we had. We were exhausted and weary, not to mention in need of cool baths after the stuffy, full flight. No one seemed to care though. We were a minority, and the hotel staff seemed to only cater to those guests who were of a different ethnic persuasion than we. Finally, the manager decided to approach us in response to my numerous trips to the front desk. Instead of apologizing or appearing sympathetic, the manager told us we could get a quick room in the sand trap of a hotel across the street and shabbily offered us free meal tickets in a way that suggested we should be grateful. The manager seemed to act as if we were some desperate, needy couple who would jump at the opportunity to have "a free meal" rather than a luxurious stay in the room we had booked at the beautiful Wyndham ARuba Resort. Aruba immediately became a letdown for me, and I burst into tears in front of the manager. I felt dejected, rejected, and unwanted! THe whole memory took away from the joy of my stay! The sad thing is that I love the Wyndham, but that manager and the poor management left me feeling horrible. Why was I not treated in a more customer friendly way? Was it because I was a minority? Did they discriminate against me? I want the Wyndham to either refund the cost of my five night stay or to issue me a free stay at one of its Island resorts so that tbe Company can make up for my suffering and my crying on my second honeymoon, which was a long awaited trip, a trip that involved my mother-in-law driving three hours to my home so that she could take care of my four young children while I finally got to take my dream honeymoon after ten years of marraige. The Wyndham really disapppointed me! I hope the Company will act to right its wrong! I hope that my horrible experience was not the result of discrimination. I tried to call the company and spoke to a "Ms. Stemming," but she was no help and seemed unimpressed and affected by my complaint. I took the trip a couple of years back, yet I started feeling really bad about it again just recently when I saw a commercial about Island vacations and I realized that my husband and I missed the joy of a lifetime thanks to the Wyndham. For during the entire stay, I felt uncomfortable and continued to wonder whether or not I was welcomed at all! If that manager had not approached us in such an insulting and smug way, I would not have been so hurt. IF we had been given any attention, I could have dealt with it since overbooking is a reality of travel and hotel stays. But, we were simply ignored, mistreated, and pressured to leave the hotel even though we paid nicely and in full out of our hard earned monies to enjoy the Aruba vacation. Too bad, the Wyndham made me cry!
M. Vismale
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Posted by kachalk on 2004-03-24:
lady, you are unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE. You're the type of person who walks into a room and if someone doesn't drop to a knee, they must be a racist. You're what's wrong with this country. Racism will never go away as long as there are people like you in the world. Have you ever traveled before? Do you know what happens at check-in time? Everyone shows up at once. Have you ever been to the bank at 5:00 p.m. on Friday? Crowded! Have you ever been to the Motor Vehicles Dept. on the last day of the month? Crowded! Do you know how to avoid it? Get there early or late! You can't tell me that you simply stood in the lobby for hours while everyone around you got checked in. It doesn't happen. Unless you booked the only room type in the hotel, and someone checked out of it late. Either way, don't scream discrimination. Go home.
Posted by fed up with corporate world on 2005-12-31:
I feel bad for what happened to you, and I feel even worse for what kachalk said to you! I started reading all of kachalk's posts, and this is one disturbed person. Seriously, do a check on kachalk and you'll see this guy has some real issues. If he doesn't agree with you, he'll call you a name (real mature!) and you'll see this guy lacks any common sense. Good luck on your next vacation and hope it goes much better!

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