Suburban Auto Group Complaint - Repairs to purchased USED Car

Review by Phillip on 2007-09-30
SANDY, OREGON -- Christmas of 2006 I was given an F-150 PU. My wife had purchased it along with an insurance policy for used cars that covered almost everything that could go wrong. Immediately the 4X4 drive didn't work and as I tried to go up our driveway (1/10 mile) one(1) tire spun as the rest sat still. I took it in and asked for it to be checked out. Upon return to pick it up, I was informed that the 4X4 was fine , they drove it around the lot and could "feel" that it was OKAY, also it needed another $600.00 worth of Service in order to keep my Insurance in effect, nothing was said about this service until I took it in for the 4X4 issue and an oil change. I had driven less than 200 miles. This service I was later informed was service that they should have done before posting it for sale(One of their employees told me after correcting me that it didn't or shouldn't have needed the work.I assented to the service and left. At my driveway it again sat while one tire spun and all the rest were still. After a half hour, I finally made it to my house.(I couldn't take it right back because of the time of day.) The next visit revealed the same results and I complained. During this visit I also ordered a set of floor mats. After the fourth visit I realized that nothing would be accomplished at this dealership. After 1 year I still have a one wheel drive 4X4, no mats and have spent another $1,000.00 dollars on other repairs that they find when I have taken it in for the original still un-repaired problems.

Every visit I heard someone complain about the car they had purchased from this dealership, I didn't listen wanting to give the dealership the benefit of a doubt but have since learned differently. My vehicle: 2003 F-150 4X4 has shift on the fly and e;electric hub locks
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-10-01:
You didn't say which wheel was spinning, but if it was a rear wheel then it appears the front drive isn't working. Just a thought - did someone show you how to engage the 4WD? It seems like everyone's system works differently. I know some have manual locking front hubs that you have to get out and engage and some others with auto locking hubs require you to engage the 4WD and then drive slowly forward to lock in the hubs. You can't necessarily go from a dead stop to fully engaged 4WD. Since the dealer claims it works fine, ask them to show you how they engaged it and tested it. Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-01:
Well said Hugh
Posted by Phillip on 2007-10-08:
I sent an email to dealerdirect that was intended for another. I wish to openly apologize to dealerdirect, please forgive the mistake. My prayers are with you and yours. Sincerely Phillip Bittman Sr.

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