PayPal.com Complaint - PayPal.com helped a scammer cheat me and lied to me.

Review by mccflo99 on 2003-04-29
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- I saw a Laptop computer on Yahoo Auctions and e-mailed the seller who agreed to an off auction sale of $520.

After sending the money through paypal.com he ignored my e-mails and waited days to send the item so I called him and paypal.com. When I spoke with the seller on the phone he actually joked about how he could send rocks or bricks in a box and paypal.com would never know. I then opened a buyer complaint and called paypal.com to explained the situation and they put a reversal on the funds and the woman said "when the item arrives, call us if it's not what you ordered and we won't give him the money if it's not". I also did a background check on him finding that he's moved 5 times in less than 3 years and a bunch of other incriminating evidence and they didn't even look at it. He stole the pictures from an ebay auction and the description from the auction to sell something he didn't have and I pointed this out to paypal.com with proof and they still did not care.

So the item arrives and it's not a laptop. It's two CD-ROM's made in 1994 and worth about $5 each.

So I call paypal.com and they tell me that they've given him the money and now their is nothing that they can do about it. He was talking from notes on my account which where very detailed and said that "we have no record of ever telling you that we would make sure you got what you ordered"...Can you believe that? They don't note a promise to a customer that's been with them for 3 years and has hundreds of friendly transactions with them?

Their final response to me was "Sorry, call your local law enforcement office, we're not responsible".

So this company helped this criminal take me for $520. But then again, why should they care? They made 3% of $520 in profit for doing nothing more than allowing a criminal to operate which takes no work on their part.

I will most likely have to spend more money than I lost by doing things the way they instructed me: "go to your local law enforcement office, we're not responsible"...so I have to take this loss as a lesson learned.

Watch out for paypal.com because a thief can use them to get your money instantly and very easily and they will also let them send false items to you and tell you to bug off if he proves you received *a* item, even if it's not what you paid for. They also make false promises to their customers like they did with me when promising me that they would make sure I received my laptop and then denied that ever being said.

Beware of paypal.com,
Chris Elliott
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-23:
Paypal is nothing more than eBay in disguise. Paypal is owned by eBay, and have the same, "I don't care attitide"...Ever thought about filing a mail fraud claim with the postal authorities if it was sent by mail. Also the Federal Trade Commision, the Better Business Bureau of his state, and the Attorney generals Office of his state? Most of this can be done via the internet.
Posted by jaye on 2005-03-25:
I had a similar thing happen. The buyer ended up with the item I old him AND my money, which paypal sent him. Then paypal froze my account with $1,200 in it and I could not find out why I could not get my money, even after 15 phone calls. It took two months to get my money from them.
Posted by jaye on 2005-03-25:
correction: Sold, not old. For more paypal horror stories... www.paypalwarning.com

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