Hair Color Experts Complaint - Horrible (and expensive) experience- Pickerington, Ohio

Review by Rocker on 2007-10-03
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I had received a coupon to save $20.00 on hair color and cut from Hair Color Experts in Pickerington, Ohio. Thinking I could save a few bucks and they are considered "experts", I made an appointment. The hairdresser decided to darken my hair and add some platinum highlights. When she dried my hair and I looked in the mirror, I had aged about 20 years. It was the worst color, not even an animal has that color hair. Well the stylist told me that their lighting was not very good and once I got home and looked in my mirror it would look better. Well, needless to say she was wrong. My 7 year old came home from school and said, "MOM, what happened to your hair, you look old!" I called the HCE and told them I needed to do something. They told me to wash it in Sunlight dish washing detergent to lighten it up. She also mentioned they weren't supposed to suggest that! Well the next morning, I called and said I needed something done, the Sunlight did not work.

YES, I tried it...I was desperate. They had me come in and another stylist tried to fix my hair. She said I'd never have left her chair looking like that. Well long story shorter... I went the following day, to my regular stylist at another shop and she fixed what the 2 girls at HCE could not.

They are not experts in hair color. I am trying to save anyone else from the headaches and expenses I incurred.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-03:
Just because the shop is call “Hair Color Experts”, you assumed they are hair color experts? Most hair salons hire stylists right out of beauty schools. You need to ask for their credentials and experience level before any color job.

I bet that repair job cost more than the $20 you saved.
Posted by Rocker on 2007-10-03:
Yes, you are right, it did cost me a hell of a lot more than the stupid coupon. That's exactly why I posted my complaint. This happened a couple of years ago and have certainly told my experience to many people. I realize they are not hair color experts as their name would imply. I'm only trying to help others not make the same mistake. I have never had any problems with having my hair done anywhere else, only at the HCE.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-03:
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-03:
I travel a lot, and sometimes for extended periods, and it's always a challenge to "pick" someone out of a hat. So, now when I'm in the US or abroad, I go to Aveda salons. I know they cost more, but I've never been disappointed. Hair color can be a scary thing (as well as the haircut) when dealing with the unknown!
Posted by steve101 on 2007-10-04:
Wow," this happened a couple of years ago" and you're still stewing over it?
Posted by Simbabe54 on 2007-10-04:
Unless you want something really complicated,you can color your hair yourself..I have been doing it for years and I have never been unhappy with the results.Just a thought.

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