Amity Nissan Complaint - Dealer Ripoff

Review by nomorenissan on 2007-10-06
LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Well, don't plan on getting much of anything on your trade in here. They always ask, "you trading in". Well, they lowball all trade ins, even the nissan they sell you earlier. I brought them a Nissan Pathfinder, in very good condition at the time. They offered me 5,000 dollars less then what the vehicle was worht. I sold it 10 years later for more then they offered me. This was my third and final purchase from AMITY NISSAN, I WILL NEVER GO BACK.


They never will give you what your car is worth on a trade in. So tell them you don't have a trade in and see what king of special price they have for you, absolutely none. Good luck
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Posted by Timboss on 2007-10-06:
Trade-ins are always low-balled. Articles on the subject I've read says to sell it yourself. Every dealer does this, they could not possibly give you what the market value is and then turn around and sell it for a profit.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-06:
You are complaining about something that happened ten years ago? You have that holding a grudge thing down to an art.
Posted by nomorenissan on 2007-10-06:
Well, guess what.... they dont change. You can continue to watch the consumers drive by your dealership on sunrise highway. Have a great day. I learned my lesson after purchasing 3 cars from this dealership and will not return.
Posted by Donna2007 on 2007-10-06:
I work in Sales of big ticket items and this is our biggest fear. Your Trade-In because you want top dollar and a Cash price on what you are purchasing.A business cannot stay in business without profit. They don't have to put the screws to you but without profit there would be no business.Always sell it yourself, and because you didn't get what you thought you should you are putting this place up after 10 years and after having bought 3 vehicles. Get a life and uh, don't shout, after 10 years do you really think they care who you are because I don't think you are going to hurt their business.
Posted by runaway on 2007-10-07:
This is where doing research before you buy/trade in comes in handy. Find out what your old vehicle is worth (keeping in mind they aren't going to give you top price; they have to leave leeway to sell it again) and what they new vehicle is going for, decide what you're bottome line is, and stick to it. I've ALWAYS been lowballed on trades, and usually end up getting what I want out of the deal; if they won't work with me, I leave and purchase elsewhere. What I DON'T do is keep a grudge for years just because I couldn't come to an agreement with a dealership.

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