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Review by PJR on 2007-10-07
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I am in the middle of an unbelievable Customer service issue issue with:

Lane Home Furnishings, 12402 South Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32837.

The major issues are on their stand to take no returns. I am very unhappy with a Loveseat they delivered. The cost is $550. While the money is still important it’s not the issues in this case.

My position is the recliner does not work and I want to return it. The company’s position is they tried to fix it and even offered me a new piece of the same furniture so I should be happy. The fact that none of these actions corrected the problem the assumption by the store is it’s me that has the problem. The store manager said the problems will go away over time and use. The type of problem with the furniture will actually get worst over time not fix itself.

Given the chance he will tell you all the wonderful things he has done for me. Like sending a repairman to my house forcing me to take time off from work to replace all the internal mechanisms of the recliner only to leave with the problem being the same or worst. His position after the repair is its working to factory specification. Is someone not listing it doesn’t work? The recliners will not deploy properly and the go down with the least pressure. He told me this was my impression it really does work you just don’t think it works.

The other wonderful thing is I had to take more time off from work to be here when a replacement piece was delivered. They took the faulty piece to the curb aside of their truck. I asked to check the new piece out before it was taken into the house. It did the same thing. Would not deploy and goes down with the least pressure. I refused delivery. This is where it gets rich. They delivery men called the office and he repeated his mantra ‘I will not in any way take it back”. He instructed the delivery men to leave in on the curb if I would not allow them to take it back in the house. WOW

Does this seem like a desperate company? One piece of furniture is worth alienating not only a customer who purchased other furniture but willing to incur the damage of such bad publicity. It’s obviously going to cost Lane far more than any one piece of furniture.

I have not used the furniture it still has its tags on it after a few months of difficulty with Lane. They have never been cooperative about anything they did. I had to fight them the whole way. When I called shortly after the furniture being delivered they were not concerned at all about my problem. The first comment I got from the store is we will not take it back.

If you are thinking about purchasing a piece of Lane furniture you better be sure you might want to contemplate it a little more.

This situation has motivated me to search the web for more complaints about Lane. There are lots and I will post links to them for you to read and make your own conclusions if you want to become involved in this type of customer harassment.

Orlando, FL
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Posted by furnitureman on 2007-10-07:
Did you try to contact Lane in Tupleo Mississippi? They will make sure that your recliner is working.

Customer service number is 662-566-7211

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