Greenville Chrysler Complaint - 2003 Dodge diesel A/C

Review by dodge service sucks on 2007-10-08
GREENVILLE, TEXAS -- I bought a 2003 Dodge Diesel 3/4 ton PU in Sept. 03 from Greenville Chrysler. The summer of 2004 it was pointed out to me by a passenger that the air coming from the AC vents on the right side was considerably warmer than the air on the left side. (summer of 2004) I called Greenville Chrysler and made the problem known to the service department and was told that they were aware of the problem that 2003 diesel pickups had with the AC and that at that time they did not know what was causing the problem, had no solution, and to check in later to see if a solution had been found. I did check in several times in the next 2 years and was consistently told they did not know the cause and that no solution had been found. Not long before the 3 year/ 36000 mile warranty expired, (summer 2006) I took my PU in to Greenville Chrysler to get that problem verified/taken care of because the warranty was timing out. I think I had about 33,000 miles on it at the time. There was also a problem that had just come up where the AC was not blowing at all, or very little. When I got my PU back, the air volume problem had been repaired and the air was pretty much the same temperature on both sides of the dash. I was told that when the AC was even a little bit low on freon that the air would be cooler on the left side and that warmer air would be blown out the right side. Problem solved I thought. This summer, 2007, I again noticed that the air was again much cooler on the left that the right side. By now I have 39,000 miles on it and it is out of warranty. I took the PU to Greenville Chrysler and told them that I felt they had not fixed the problem, only recharged the system to get rid of the problem until the unit again lost enough freon to cause a disparity in air temps coming out of the dash. They refused to repair it under the warranty. Greenville Chrysler told me it would be $84 an hour diagnostic fee plus the cost to repair. I talked with the GM and service department head and was told that since I had the extended warranty it would only be the $100 co-pay. I refused on principal and was disguted that they would be paid in full by whoever pays the extended warranty claims when they should have fixed it under the original warranty. This is a small thing but shows the low ethical standards Greenville Chrysler adheres to when dealing with their customers. At this point I want NO dealings with this company and will stay away from Dodge and Chrysler products from now on because they refuse to do anything on a simple thing and know that a complicated event would be worse.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-10-08:
Sounds like a legit beef to me, especially when my experience indicates Chrysler has used some pretty thin, corrosion prone evaporator cores in recent years.
Posted by Dollar80 on 2007-10-15:
Yes,I could not agree more on the service issues at there dealership, and I HAVE A 2002 DODGE, my dad has a 2003 and 2004 Dodge and every one else I know have a/c issues with the trucks it like every year when summer roles around the a/c needs freon but there is no leak in the system. I have been a Field Mechanic for Cat about 10 years now and I am pretty sure that it is because the a/c compressor is mounted on the bottom part of the engine and is on the exaust manifold/turbo side of the engine and all the engine heat and heat from the exaust monifold/turbo sucks right out the bottom of the engine past the a/c compressor. If you notice gas engines have the same a/c system mount set up but dont have this problem because of the heat issuess related to diesels. My dash and other peoples dashes I know just crack allthe way from the windshield to the glove box for no reason. The people at Dodge wrote me back a letter saying they no theres a problem but have no sulotion for the problem at this time and the 2007 Dodge pick up trucks have thermostate control problems for the a/c heat temp. because the electric motor that controls the flap door gets stuck. Ive had Ford super duty work trucks all my life abd they have there problems like other makers but my last service truck I had was 7 years old and the dash never cracked and the powerstroke engine had 434,872 miles on it.
Posted by FCO on 2008-02-10:
It seems to me that the auto industry overall, does not care about their customers anymore, all they care about is our money. It is no wonder the atuo industry is struggling!! If they would get back to the basics and care about their customers, then their problems would take care of themselves.

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