Waterford Michigan Firestone Dealer Complaint - Brakes Fell Apart - Brake Job

Review by pryxp on 2007-10-10
WATERFORD, MICHIGAN -- After brake job at the Waterford Michigan Firestone dealer I had to have my truck towed to a Ford dealer because brakes fell apart and locked up the vehicle. The truck would not move emergency brake fell apart completely. After paying Firestone $500.00 for brake job, it cost me $651.27 to have the Ford Dealer repair, the Firestone repair job.

Complained to dealer and he said "tough" we fired the technician that did the brake job.

car brakes fell apart car brakes fell apart 2
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Small Claims Court.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
You need to check to see if your state has a "Product liability law".

They will be liable for damages done to your truckā€¦

There is no federal product liability law. Typically, product liability claims are based on state laws, and brought under the theories of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty. In addition, a set of commercial statutes in each state, modeled on the Uniform Commercial Code, will contain warranty rules affecting product liability.
Posted by redrock33 on 2007-11-16:
I am not sure if you have contacted the Head office as I did (Bridgestone) after taking my car back for the sixth time for a dodgy right hand brake rotor replacement!!! I know 6 times doing the process of elimination (being patient and not causing hassle!) and getting the total run around from these incompitent twits. Apparently Head office is not responsible for rouge franchisee behaviour which has now escalated into assault and is now in the hands of the police. I cannot come to grips that as a consumer you can get phsyically assaulted after taking your car back for their incompitence, then Head office claims NO RESPONSIBILTY for franchisee behaviour!!!!! reputable so called brand.....!!!! AND my car still makes the same grinding noise it always did after these thugs took it to pieces in the first place. I am just glad that you were not harmed in finding the faults in your brake. I was not even in the damn car before getting injured!!!!!!!

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