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Review by Argentin on 2007-10-10
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I originally signed for a ONE year contract to give Verizon a try.
Having been tired of the poor sound quality and expensive charges (less minutes for more money and poorer quality) I called customer service to check the exact date of my contract expiration... and then the nightmare started.
The first rep indicated that although I signed for a one year contract, the fact that they gave me a special discount on the the handset put me automatically on a two years contract. I asked for the name or ID of the rep who put me on that contract, I was never provided that info and was transferred to the Verizon store where I purchased the phone in Boston. They claim that this issue should be handled by customer service and was again transferred there.

This time the rep claimed 3 times that I was on THREE years contract. When I 've told her that 10 minutes before I was told TWO years, and that a few months ago a signed for ONE year, facts that showed how unclear Verizon was about the matter, she claimed "I said TWO years".

I've said, well, I have recorded every conversation with Verizon and that' not what you said.

I was finally transferred to a supervisor who was even worst than the previous tier zero person.

Not only he was rude, but since I said that if they did not put me back on the one year contract I was going to cancel my account without paying cancellation fee I was told that "since I was threatening Verizon they will not further discuss with me any issue regarding this account and they would only talk to my attorney.

Once you sign they get you hooked up for as long as they want. They tell you one thing, then they changed or send you a letter which most probably you won't have the time to read and you learn the bad news later on...

It seems that misleading customers is a common thing among wireless providers, but these guys are going really way to far. There have to be a walk away their contract without paying them any cancellation fee, this is becoming a pure robbery!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
You should have received a letter in the mail when you first signed up and it should have detailed your service plan etc including the length of your contract. You should have checked that document to make sure it said one year. If it said anything else, you would have 30 days from the contract start date to cancel without any penalties.
Good luck.
Posted by bryan_az on 2007-11-20:
I recently went through an issue with Verizon Wireless. I had held a favorable perception of the service they provided until I was misquoted on a Blackberry! It has been ugly and the service is terrible but Verizon has finally begrudgingly corrected the situation without really accepting fault! File a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org) and you will get results if you can prove merit in your case (pull all of your paperwork when you signed up, etc). Before selecting a new carrier, check their reputation with the BBB and if they have a lot of complaints you know what you are getting!

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