Futureshop Complaint - Lowest Price Guarantee a sham

Review by qq2b on 2007-10-12
Recently, I noted my weekly Futureshop junk mail advertise a 2GB MicroSD card. I thought this would compliment my MP3 player nicely and the "sale" price was $20 off. I almost rushed right off to my local retailer to purchase it, but my common sense told me to do a little research. I found the exact same item by Manufacturer with the exact same part number on two different websites selling the same card at $20 below the futureshop "sale" price. So I thought I'd challenge the "Lowest Price Guarantee". When I went to my local Futureshop with documents in hand prepared to make my purchase. The girl looked at me like I was some kind of crook, like I doctored the ad or something, and she say's I have to go online to check this out. So I help her navigate to the online retailer. Then she says, "oh, this doesn't include shipping, that's the difference." So I said, put my postal code in there and you'll see shipping is FREE. Of course she does. Then she looks at me confused and calls the supervisor. The supervisor says we don't compare ourselves to this particular company (Dell.ca). Then I remind her how she lowered the price on my MP3 player when I showed her an ad from this same website.

Now she's scrambling for explanation. After a lengthy discussion, she finally says, "Look mister, this is below our cost, we can't sell it to you for that". So I head home and call the customer hotline. After a long boring conversation with their helpful telemoron, she says the same thing. "It's not in our best interest to sell something at a loss". I have only one response to that. Don't advertise a policy as a GUARANTEE if you're not going to stand behind it. Secondly, pull your head out of your ass and renegotiate the price you are paying for this item.

Your competitors are paying MUCH less and passing the savings on to their consumers. I have ordered the item from their competitor and expect it to arrive in a day or two.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-10-12:
Valid point. If you met the terms of the guarantee (to the letter), they have to by law sell you it at lower price. If not, they are guilty of false advertising and you could file an FTC complaint if you wanted to make a case of it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-12:
Slim, I think this is a Canadian issue. Futureshop is in Canada so our FTC would be of no value but the Canadian's must have something like the FTC? And maybe their price matching and guarantee's are different from ours? I just don't know.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-12:
Keep taking your money to their competitors and do not shop there again. Try not to complicate your life with idiots like that.
Good luck.
Posted by bigboxworker on 2007-10-12:
I find that many retailers, refuse to price match wholesalers and online retailers. Also there isn't much competition in Canada ^^ lol. Futureshop is owned by Best Buy, and they're they other alternative and their service is horrible!

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