Metro Nissan Riverside - California Complaint - Salesperson Trying To Sell A Car That Doesn't Exist

Review by RIVERSIDE METRO NISSAN SUCKS on 2007-10-14
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- Watch out on dealing w/ one of their salesperson ... We agreed on a price that we all know that it's not their inventory ... That we know they still gonna get the car from other dealers ... And we are ready to locked in to the price ... And do some paper works so when we come back the next day ... We just gonna inspect the car & test drive ... It's not the first color choice but we compromise ... And this salesperson knows that we still gonna drive 6 hrs to go home ...

So when we are ready for the paper works ... He went to his office pretending I guess to prepare the papers ... He came back said to our face ... That because its' not our inventory ... We cannot guarantee you with the price we agreed to ... In the first place he knows everybody knows not they don't have the car ... Other dealer owns the car ... And he has this thick face told us that bec it's not their inventory ... He knows that the price we are working is for the car that it's not their car inventory ... The saddest thing is when we call back the next day to talk to the original person we talk in internet department ... We told them what happen ... Be we got pass around that night ... So the person we talked to ask the manager that night ... And the manager said that offer didn't came to my desk ... And the stupidest the car doesn't exist at all ... No other dealer has that car ...

So we are working on buying a ghost car ... I don't know why he said that the other dealer has the certain color & the trim we like ... So thats why he said we can gave the price talked about ... Thats the a very very bad sales technique I guess ...

So don't ever get fooled of riverside metro auto mall ... In riverside ca ...
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Posted by Skye on 2007-10-14:
What does bec. stand for?? Because??.

What type of car were you trying to buy?? Sorry, but the way you wrote this, it's hard to follow.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-10-14:
I don't like ghost cars either, their hard to paint!
Posted by RIVERSIDE METRO NISSAN SUCKS on 2007-10-14:
yah because :D ... we are trying to buy a NISSAN XTERRA SE 2007 ... the other car dealer has is SE XTERRA 2007 in sand stone color ... but the internet department check the inventory (which dealer has it) ... he called us back and said that car is not available in any dealer close to Riverside CA ... right in our face he knows that car doesnt exist ... i keep asking where is that car located now ... coz we have a long drive after we get the car ... he keep saying it might be in 5 - 10 miles who knows thats his asnwer to us ...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-14:
Obviously this place doesn't really want your business in the first place so why don't you just take your business elsewhere? I'm sure there are many dealerships that do have the Xterra on site and in the color that you want. Buying a new car is stressful enough without playing games with sleazy salesmen.
Posted by RIVERSIDE METRO NISSAN SUCKS on 2007-10-14:
YUP WE DID LEFT RIGHT AWAY ... when he said that we can't guaranty you the priced we talked to because it's not our inventory ... when we call the next day ... they said that they are having hard time to find a car that we are looking for ... but when we got home that night we saw a car that is available 20miles away from METRO RIVERSIDE ... and thats the car that the Riverside Metro had a hard time finding one :P ... what we did we went straight to the car dealer in Redlands ... when we went there they said that the Metro Riverside called them want the xterra transfer it to them HAHAHA ... no worries your customer is the one picking it up itself :) ... we dont have any hassle at all ... i will recommend NISSAN METRO in REDLANDS CA ... but they said theyre not sister company in Riverside ... deal with the internet department ... because the guys on the floor are the suckers ... coz the internet department they wont work on commission ... its like no huggle price ... they work on invoice price not on MSRP price ... so we are so happy with them ...
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-10-15:
They gave you a price on the assumption that they could dealer locate the vehicle and probably ran into problems either finding an exact match OR they possibly did not want to honor the price quoted...so they took the easy road and "ran into problems" finding the vehicle.

I'm sorry Riverside, but I have to ask...What does :P mean? And a "No Huggle Price" (I am still laughing at that)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-15:
I'm glad it all worked out for you!
Posted by billingualguy on 2008-06-11:
Same thing happened to me. I specifically asked for the stock number so that I wouldn't waste my gas driving up to Riverside from East San Diego (see Mossy Nissan El Cajon). They did not have the stock number but tried to sell me a car with a lot more options than I didn't need. Shame on these internet sales managers!

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