Expedia.com Informative - Absolute, horrible, without redemption service

Review by El Jefe on 2007-10-16
We originally booked 2 first class tickets from LAX to Miami in May, 2007. I July, we noted our credit card (debit card) had not been billed. Upon calling we were told they had no record of our reservation.We supplied them with a reservation number which they refused to acknowledge existed. We asked to book our flights again and were told we could but the fee was a third more. After complaining loudly, they booked us on a "similar" flight schedule. One half was was business and one half first class. The price was exactly the price we had originally agreed to pay for 2 first class round trip tickets at OUR desired times and dates. These tickets were at THEIR prescribed time and dates.After the July purchase of these marginal tickets,they made 3 additional flight changes. Finally, on October 15, they changed our schedule one more time. The new schedule removed from first class for an additional section of our flight. It also changed the flights to where we were required a 6 hour change over in one airport and requiring an arrival at another layover from 11 am to 4 am. That section of our flight was changed to first class to business.

No change in price just a change in timing from a half day of flying to 18 hours. I know you may think, poor babies,getting bumped from first class to trash class, whaaaa. But remember,what they do to us they can do it to you but only worse.The next flight I'll book with Expedia will be to Hell.

Oh yes let me not forget the hour and one half,having four of their representatives hang up, before they decided to attempt to answer our questions. Good business is done one customer at a time, not riding the price of gasoline up and down
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-10-16:
Why did you not deal with the airlines direct?
Posted by Timboss on 2007-10-16:
I travel 3 or 4 times a year and I always check the 'great' agency rates and they have never beat what I can get directly from an airline. And if the airline has to involuntarily bump someone, the online agency passengers are first to be bumped. Only makes sense, why would they bump a passenger who book directly with them?
Posted by Harold-Chief of Helping People on 2007-10-16:
As a consumer advocate I recommend that you get the best price you can from a company like Expedia or hotels.com for reservations such as for airlines or hotels. Then you call the company or hotel directly and ask to speak with someone who can help you with your rate. Inform them that you received a price from Expedia or hotels.com and would like them to beat the price, or if not, at least match the price. Remember the company has to pay a per cent of the fee to the agency for promoting them, so often times you can negotiate a similar or better rate and even get as good as or better travel arrangements or accomodations by dealing directly with the company or hotel.
Posted by B. on 2007-10-16:
I agree totally with Harold. By the way their booking flights to Hell now?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
I agree with Jkt, never use these 3rd party sites, call the airlines direct.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-20:
The first thing you should've done after booking is to check your email address and see if the purchase details are there.If the reservation number you mentioned is invalid, they you can try searching through your email address or credit card number. If nothing still comes up then I'm sure there really was no booking.

FACT: Expedia flights are booked on a REAL TIME BASIS- if the airline changes their price (which is almost always), the expedia website automatically updates it. That's right. They follow the airlines prices. SO don't blame them for the price change.

"...these tickets were at THEIR prescribed time and dates."<-- You should be thankful that the expedia agent was kind enough to search for flights that would suit your budget even though they had no proof of what you are claiming. (you really believe Expedia intentionally refused to acknowledge your reservation? come on...?!)

Guess who "BUMPED" you from the plane and made the schedule changes? the AIRLINES. Everybody knows that.

Harold's advise was good, except that it isn't entirely true. Here's the deal between Expedia and the hotel. Expedia buys a lot of rooms from the hotel(ex: 200-300 rooms) and gets a huge discount because of the bulk reservation. THey then sell it to the customers. Of course, since they bought it for a very low price, chances of the customer also getting a lower rate is higher. If ever the price of the competitor is higher, expedia has the "best price guarantee" so you will still get your refund (price difference) PLUS a 50usd coupon.

Guys, your comments are good and you are entitled to your own opinion, but I think the question in line with this blog should be: WAS IT REALLY EXPEDIAS FAULT THAT THERE WAS NO RESERVATION??THAT THERE WERE A LOT OF SCHEDULE CHANGES??THAT THE CUSTOMER HAS BEEN "BUMPED" OFF THE PLANE???WAS THE " Absolute, horrible, without redemption service ..." really coming from Expedia?

Oh by the way, I think I know why the four representatives hung up on you...*wink*

Posted by listener1082 on 2008-03-29:
Being bump! hwy do you blame it with expedia? whether you like it or not, most airlines make a schedule change. The flights are being planned out months ahead of time, but it's beyond the airlines control if their aircrafts sometimes doesnt work as normal. it's like a car. Im sure aircrafts must undergo an inspection before taking off. It could be for your safety. even if booked on the first class, it doesnt change the condition of the aircraft.

Monica is right, it was your responsibility to check the confirmation after booking.

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