Garfield Co., Co. Victim Witness Program/DA Office Complaint - Victim Witness Program

Review by Anonymous on 2003-06-05
Recently I was visciously attacked in Garfield Co., Co. and the attacker tried to kill me. The District Attorneys never contacted me to hear my case. I recieved a letter from their office stating there would be a review on the case on a certain date. I attended the hearing to find out it was a sentencing hearing and the attacker had worked out a plea bargain, getting 14 1/2 days in jail a $100.00 fine. He had to do a DV evaluation and a few other minor stipulations. The D.A. Assistant in court that day said in court that I agreed to the terms which I had not as I had not talked about this case with the D.A.'s ever.
I had been working with a secretary to try to be removed from the area under the victim witness program and she refused to help. I recieved a letter from them stating they would pay my bills for 10 weeks. I sent and took in many many bills which were refused including rent as I lost my residence. When I lost the residence because I was not on the lease I became homeless and the secretary knew this and would not provide even a motel for me and my family.
I find it utterly vulgure that a man that tried to kill me is free to do as he pleases. This man has stalked me before and has 3 prior arrests for beating on me and is pretty much getting off. I in return am experiencing many hardships from this incident and my local victim witness program turns down my every request for help. I desperately want to leave the area and they won't help me to leave. As this man has stalked me before I'am very frightened and suicidal. At one time the secretary said she could remove us to Colorado Springs and then when I said ok she again refused to help me move. My 1st request to move was to move out of the state to a place where I have work and this was denied.
I feel like I'am being lied to and of course refused the help I'am entitled to as a victim of a violent crime.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-05:
Unfortunately, very few people care anymore. Everybody has their own personal agenda and humanity is a thing of the past. Just go forward, its not worth the aggrevation as much as you'd like to resolve it, I know the feeling. Best of luck.

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