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Review by Coolybub on 2007-10-18
I purchased a $40 item from this company and they charged me $7 for shipping via UPS what they failed to tell me about was the fact that I would be paying another $23 for brokerage fees for the item to come across the border. There's no damn way I would have purchased the rack if I had known that.I sent them an e-mail and they apologized for 'the inconvenience'. I told them that that is not and inconvenience but more like a 'rip off'. They actually suggested that if i was unhappy that i could return the grill. To which my reply was 'this kind of suggestion is even more ridiculous than paying $30 for shipping and that kind of comment only further illustrates their lack of thought and care for their customers. This kind of thing makes me snap.

I snap, I lose it, then i fake'm with a grilled cob of corn, the sucker falls for it then i nail him with a campfire grill to the chops.
For a real laugh you should read the 'Press Release' the company has posted on their site.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-10-19:
You didn't say where you are located, but on their web site it says...."We will distribute our camping grills to the continental United States. We will also ship to Canada, but the consumer will pay all additional fees charged to ship International".

Posted by njohn on 2008-03-17:
Let me guess, you live in Canada and well, ah Border fees eh? That is the consumers problem, not the company. Especially when it is even posted on their website.
Posted by Coolybub on 2008-03-21:
i've seen a couple of replies regarding a camp grilling rack i purchased and, maybe i'm paranoid, but i get the feeling that they just might be somehow related to the company in question. My point was not that the company should pay the shipping cost, but to let the consumer know what the potential cost could be. Think about it, would you as a consumer purchase something knowing that you will be paying more for shipping than the actual cost of the item you were purchasing, of course not, which is why this company does not inform the public. Realistically all they have to do is not ship via UPS to Canadian Residents. Simple. In my own diffence, i had never purchased anything from the US, nor had i any experience with UPS, i wonder how many others that company will let find out the hard way.

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