Natures Grill Complaint - Late food then a harassing phone call from manager

Review by malcre on 2007-10-19
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- My girlfriend and I were excited that there's new healthy place to order from in the area and we heard great things about the food. We ordered our food and waited... waited.. and waited.. it took them 1 hour and 30 minutes... by 1 hour and 15 minutes we were already ordering from a Mexican place since we were starving and couldn't wait.. Mind you, we tried to call them and cancel after 45 minutes, but the person that was working there said the delivery person would be within the hour... suffice it to say he did show up an hour and a half later and we told him we tried to reach them but NO ONE was answering their phones after at least 8 tries... he was upset and left.

If you're going to order food and they are late by an hour and a half they should give you a discount, comp the meal or contact you and let you know that it will be later than an hour and give you the option to cancel... we ordered at 7:50 the food got to our place at 9:30. you decide... and the next day the manager called my girlfriends cell ( she called and they had her number on file) and argued with her on "" not even apologizing once for being beyond late and rude about the ENTIRE way this was handled... do yourselves a favor.. want healthy? go to Fuel... or some place other than Natures Grill on 74th st. in Bayridge..

I called a few minutes after the manager had called my girlfriend and he stuck to his guns stating " he makes great food and they're millions of people starving (not including my girl and I who just wanted take out and watch a movie) and how it kills him to throw food out"... mind you he made no bones about telling me that the customer isn't always right... < verbatum..
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-19:
So rediculous.
Glad to hear you finally got some
food in your tummy !
Thanks for the info on this place.
Posted by James on 2007-10-19:
If it is a new place realize it would take longer. Also maybe the fact that they were busy and that they could not take any more calls was the reason they never answer. When I used to work for a pizza place we would just take the phones off the hook.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-10-19:
In my opinion, I don't care if it is a new place or has been there since Christ was a corporal, if it takes them an hour and a half to deliver, then the people can't be blamed for calling someone who will deliver. We had much the same thing happen years ago with a pizza place that delivered, and the driver showed up two hours beyond the time we had been quoted, and was upset when we sent him on his way with a few choice words. We followed up on it, and he had left the place in plenty of time to get our pie to us in a timely manner, and all we can think is that he stopped at his girlfriend's.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-19:
Sounds like they need to hire more employees to make deliveries. The manager should take responsibility for how long the delivery took and not have taken it out on you. It wasn't your fault the food was late. Where was the "thank you" for giving them business? I'll bet that place files Chapter 11 real fast.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-10-20:
Umm...I hate to break it to you, but the customer ISN'T always right.
Posted by F. on 2007-10-20:
What's wrong with going and getting the food yourself?

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