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Review by Anonymous on 2003-06-12
ALABAMA -- Storesonline was deceptive and misrepresented themselves at their seminar. We were tricked into purchasing six sites from them for $5,000. We deserve a full refund because they did not deliver the services purchased at the seminar. There customer service is unavailable or does not have the answers to the questions asked. The site, Storesonline.com is not user friendly, as advertised at the seminar. I would not recommend anyone using them and if I could find a class action lawsuit against them, I would join.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-12:
I had the same experience with StoreOnLine.com and have been researching their reputation - there are many complaints out there - all the same. High costs, misrepresentation of services and skimming over the reality that it is extremely difficult to find a legitimate business to set up. It is time we got the word out on this scam; there must be thousands of people out there who have also been taken and it should be made public. Perhaps together we CAN get some action against StoresOnLine.com.
Posted by HondaCivic4DEx on 2007-03-17:
I went to their free seminar and thought that it just is not possible for them to deliver what they said they could deliver. I asked, perhaps improperly, for the speaker to elaborate on a sentence and I was sitting in front. He ignored me and then said they would answer all questions. When I left, as I was handed the free organizer, I was asked if I was going to attend so I said that I have taken full classes and have not gotten the information that he said is given in full detail within 1-hour so I do not believe it. Naturally I suppose, he said it is true and to sign up ASAP since I had not already signed up and that it would be difficult to get a seat for another date due to the tremendous demand. I came home to do a search on the company and found a posting from a company that writes reports about seminars and the posting said not to go any further as their methods are questionably legal. I did watch and few people got in line to register for the full day seminar. As I left, I was handed my organizer and that gentleman asked me if I signed up so I said that I have taken a semester class on what has been told to be told in detail inside of 1-hour and that is just not believeable. He said to sign up and see that it is possible. A few days later I got a message on my voicemail saying that I heard what the seminar can do for me so sign up quickly. I think that if they need to telemarket after they have already given their 90 minute, essentially sales pitch and few signed up yet they say that naturally space is limited and that if we did not sign up for the seminar being held the next weekday, most likely we would not have another chance, yet they telemarketed me to call to get a seat, other people who attended their 90 minute talk did not believe either. Lastly, if the full day seminar actually does what they say it does, why are not the people giving the presentation doing it as opposed to setting up presentations and giving full day seminars since they boast that people are traveling in RVs and maintaining a 5-figure per month income each month by putting in 1-hour each day on their laptop in the RV as they travel the country.
Posted by LadyT1691 on 2009-09-15:
I too had the same experience with Stores Online and PMI. They do not deliver what they promise after paying high costs, especially PMI. They promised one-on-one marketing training and provided 30 minute webinar sessions only. There was a call center for questions but if new to the internet business you may not know the questions to ask. If paying thousands of dollars then they should "tell" you everything you need to know. Many times our questions were referred to other outside companies that wanted to charge a fee for their service as well. Do not get involved with either of these companies - they do not deliver what is promised.
Posted by unhappy holland pass on 2011-04-07:

Not a company to do business with for sure in my opinion. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM 100'S OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS CO. We were lied to and this is a scam in my opinion. Please be careful. This afternoon we both attended StoresOnline internet sales conference at a hotel meeting room in Henderson, NV. I received an invitation to attend the conference in the mail and also received a telephone invitation. Along with a follow up call the day before we attended confirming we would attend. The person I spoke to, I believe his name was Allen, spoke very proper grammer so there is no confusion as to what was being offered. When I asked him about the token gifts that we would receive at the conference that were being offered to attend, that was on the invitation that was sent to us, and I was very clear in asking him were there any coupons, redemptions or any other gimmicks. He assured me “No, when you check in, you will be given an MP3 player or MP3 video player of your choice by the attendant when checking in for you and your guest.” As well, he also said you are within the 50th person called to be registered and this entitles you to a computer. He said I will be getting an Apple laptop. I said “is this for real, because the invitation I was sent states a netbook without any name on it.” He said yes, it is an Apple computer. I asked is this guaranteed and he said yes. I said I will be there 30 minutes before the checkin to be guaranteed the token gifts as this was his suggestion. When we arrived 30 minutes early at 11:30 for the 12 Noon seminar, the attendant took our mailer with all the information on it confirming the gifts, tore the end off and threw it in the trash, but we asked for our mailer back. He handed us back our mailer and handed us a stub that states “MP3 redemption stub, do not discard, present this stub at the end of the event to receive a mail-in redemption coupon. Good for 1 free MP3 player or a mail-in coupon good for 1 Video MP3 player (shipping and handling not included).” I told the attendant about the communcation above and he said he was sorry but there are no MP3s here, we do not give them out here. Now, this seems to be a business of its own that you are paying shipping and a handling fee of ???? on top of them trying to sell you a seminar. Eeeesh! 30 minutes later the seminar speaker Joanna began and spoke and used a PowerPoint slide with information about what tools are needed to be successful with selling products on the internet today. The purpose was to purchase their upcoming seminar. This was not an education seminar, it was a seminar for you to buy into purchasing another seminar. During the seminar, Joanna, the speaker, made several comments about an unhappy customer that made many internet blogs about his negative experience with STORESONLINE. She never mentioned if they refunded any of his money, but this unhappy customer must have been very effective over the internet blogging that this speaker would bring it up at seminars.I can not belive almost 75 % of the room fell for this scam. 90 minutes later lunch was served – a bite sized turkey & cheese croissandwich with a tiny spoonful of pasta salad. NO DRINKS. There was only water pitchers at the back of the room with light brown mucky cloudy substance they called iced tea. Very suspicious looking eeesh!. Our resolution to this matter is that we are given exactly what we were solicited, especially from the mailing and the followup phone calls to us. This took a chunk of our valuable time to travel to the seminar and this was 3 hours for each of us taken out of our day. If I were to put a value on this, I would want restitution of $200 per hour for each of us from the waste of time. And our items promised but never received. Furthermore, considering a class-action lawsuit against this organization. Also, considering meeting up with prospective customers at these hotels nationaly before the seminars begin and passing out written pamphlets about all the data we have found so far 100's of complaints and our experience so that they will be armed with informative information of problems and many other complaints via internet we have read about this firm. Thank you.

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