Russell Automotive Baltimore MD Complaint - I do not want the car!

Review by Sut94g on 2001-03-11
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I purchased a 2001 Jetta GLS from Russell Automotive on Baltimore National Pike in Baltimore MD on the evening of 3/8/01. Did not drive the car home. I had just totalled my 95 Rodeo and on the morning of 3/9/01 I found out that the Insurance Company had misjudged the value and that I would have to pay an additional $1300 to my creditor to pay off the loss. Having found this out, I could not cover the downpayment on the Jetta. I immediatly called Russell Automotive at 10:30am on 3/9/01, when I found out and told them that I could not afford the car right now. I was told by the Salesman Bruce, that I must be stupid to think I could return the car and that I would have to come in and see the Sales Manager. In the meantime, I went to another Dealership to pick up a deposit I had on the car and found out that the Interest rate that Russell Automotive gave me through VW Credit should have been 11.6%, not 14.9%. I was actually showed this "secret" book that I was not supposed to see. I also found out that the extended warranty that I purchased through Russell was actually through Toyota and when I asked if VW had an extended warranty program, Russell said no. Well VW does have an extended warranty for about half what I paid for the Toyota warranty.
I went to Russell Automotive on 3/9/01 at 5:00 and spoke with Mitchell the Sales Manager. I explained to him the situation, that I could not afford the car right now and did not want it. I also expressed my complaint that the Interest Rate was too high. He told me I had no choice but to take the car or have it towed to my house and me pay the towing charge. That there is no return policy, even if I change my mind 5 minutes after signing the paper work. But, of course if I wanted to upgrade to another car, I could do that. I also found out the little trip around the block I drove the car on, was considered delivery. Even though on Thursday night, when I left Russell Automotive, I did not have a single key to the car.
I did get angry in the dealership as I felt I had the right to and was told by Mitchell to get out and take the car with me. Feeling as if I had no choice, I took the car home.
I am just so upset to think that there is no return policy on a new car, even less than a day after I bought it and had not even driven it over 2 miles. I feel like I have been scammed into a deal I was not ready for by ruthless sales people that have no clue about customer service.
Even after I got the car, nobody offered to show me how to operate things on it. Hell, on the way home driving it, I had to stop and put oil in it. Guess in the rush to get rid of it they did not check the engine or even set the clock.
There motto at Russell Automotive is "Customer Driven". Driven to insanity maybe, but not customer service. Do not buy from these people!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-03-17:
Why didn't you call your lawyer before you went back to the dealership? I'm sure the law would provide some assistance to your cause. You alledge deception with interest rates, warrantees etc. Why would you accept their charge that you must take the car? I think, if you can prove or have witness to your story, I would still contact a lawyer and investigate your options to return this vehicle.
Posted by Karri on 2004-05-11:
I bought two cars from Russel Automotive, as well as 5 other people from my family and none of us had any problems with the cars or the customer service. In fact we had a great experience! I would recommend this company to anyone especially my family and friends. Why would you sign a contract for a big purchase such as a car without being 100% ready to fulfill the obligation? You should have had your insurance all worked out before purchasing, so you would have known what you were capable of doing financially. Before purchasing you should research the warranties etc.. Not their fault, all your own and now your stuck. maybe next time you will think before signing. A contract is a legal form not something to play with.
Posted by face327 on 2006-12-02:
Russell Automotive is HORRIBLE! I had my car repaired there after it was broken into, all that needed to be fixed was a vanity window and my center console. They decided that the dashboard needed to replaced, and my insurance company said they would pay for it- fine. Durring this time period i was NEVER infromed by russell about any changes being made to my car,or when it was going to be ready, and it was never ready when they said it was going to be. For a repair that was only supposed to take 1-2 days, it took 24 DAYS. They didnt install the same trim, they threw away my old cd player, and my check engine light came on immediately. They threw away the docking brackets for the cd player, so i couldnt even have a new one installed. THey will be recieving a VERY angry phone call from me on monday. i do not recommend Russell for ANYTHING or ANYONE. worst service ever.

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