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Review by Anonymous on 2003-06-24
PUEBLO, COLORADO -- We were invited to a timeshare presentation in Puerto Vallarta on February 25th 2003. We told the salesman that we did not have the money to buy a timeshare so he told us that Econdomania.com could rent there four week two bedroom suite and this would cover for the difference of our one bedroom suite. The sales department used the Arda logo on econdos advertisement to convince us of there good standings and according to David Evans at Arda they are using that logo fraudulently. Vincent Kaln from econdomania.com did confirm the rental of these week by e-mail wich reads "This is to confirm that we have rented your three (3) weeks two bedroom for next month March. The rental price is $2,600 per week. The forth week will be used and paid for in August. Thanks Vicent econdomania.com". After that confirmation we traded our timeshare and singed a contract for $8,500 + $495 closing fee. It's been five months and we haven't seen a cent from that deal. At the time of this confirmation by econdomania.com we were not asked for any fee since this deal was between the resort and econdomania. Once we got home Vincent wanted a $525 lifetime membership fee, feeling this was just another trap I did agree that he could take it from the $7,800 for the first three weeks that he had rented for March. My advice is if they can make fraudulent promises like that to us they will do the same to you just don't get caught by this fraudulent company's promises
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-24:
If you really want a time-share, there are plenty of places on the internet for half or less than what thieves like this charge. Not only that but your fees skyrocket every year. Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-25:
Anyone that wants a copy of this fraudulent e-mail confirmation, I can be reach at Catudala@aol.com
Posted by sales_3 on 2003-06-26:
Andre Catudal is not a client of eCondomania.com. He has never been a client and will never be a client. He wants a refund and will say anyting to get it. Andre has no way of knowing what we can or cannot do because he is not a client.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-26:
I'm not asking for a refund I'm just asking payment for the weeks you confirmed rented. If I were to make such a confirmation, payment would be in the next day mail. That confirmation was just a sleazy way to trap a retired couple into signing a contract with the resort. Companys like yours should be put out of business.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-26:
The e-mail does say the weeks were rented and the adertisement does say that they are proud members of Arda. Arda has denied their membeship because they failed to pay the 2002 dues. Thanks for the attachment.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-26:
I just can't understand why econdomania.com would confirm by e-mail leaving a paper trail of the fraud. Your e-mail was very helpful in understanding your point of vue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-26:
If the dude is not a member, why would you confirm that you have rented his weeks. This really raise a stink of fraud.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-27:
I am going to tell the truth finally about this event. Andre Catudal called us and wanted to cancel his timeshare. He said that he was going to rent out various weeks of his timeshare and then not payoff the balance. Since he had only made a small deposit, he was going to take a majority of his weeks and rent them out quickly and then not pay off his membership to the resort. Because of our relationship with the resort we were forced to explain to them the scam that Andre was trying to pull. We were then informed Andre that renting so many weeks without paying a complete downpayment was against the rules. Afterwards we informed Andre that we could not work for him because he was trying to scam the resort and that we could not be involved. He is upset because he tried to pull a fast one and it did not work.
Posted by sales_3 on 2003-06-27:
We can provide any documentation necessary. We publish on our site letters from satisfied customer (Andre remember is not a client) and we can send our documentation from ARDA or any other organization. I am glad that the truth about Andre and his scam is out. Andre I did not want to resort to calling you names but the truth does hurt.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-27:
This is a reply by David Evans at Arda. Get a copy my e-mail is Catudala@aol.com. From David Evans to info@econdomania.com ; Vincent@econdomania.com ; Dee@econdomania.com ; Catudala@aol.com Tuesday April 01 2003 1:04 PM Dear Sir or Madam I am in receipt of your email to the American Development Resort Association (Arda) regarding Econdomania.com and Vincen Kahn. As the trade association representing the resort development industry, ARDA requires its members to strict Code of Standards and Ethics to maintain membership. Unfortunatly, neither Econdomania.com nor Vincent Kahn are member of our organisation, and is therefore under no obligation to comply with our Code. I am sory that ARDA cannot be of more assistance to you. Although Econdomania.com and Vincent Kahn are not members of ARDA, by copy of this letter we are requesting that the company respond directly to you to resolve your concern in the hope that an equitablr solution can be reached in this mather. Sincerely David . Evans Ethics Administrator
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-07-11:
4/16/03: received written refund offer from the company, which was accepted by me via certified letter.

6/9/03: refund still not received. Sent reminder letter to company. Also faxed same letter.

7/10/03: my reminder letter returned by postal service as "unclaimed." No response to fax.
Answering service (888 262 7143) still claims their listed address (in Pueblo, Colorado) as valid, as well as their fax #. They confirm Steve Longely and Mark Williams as principals of the company.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-04:
I've looked up tour site and I think that Andre is right, you don't or can't advertise that you are members of Arda.
Posted by actors on 2004-03-08:
We too were taken in by Vince @ econdomania! The details of how it happened were almost identical! The Sales person from Playa del sol called vince on the spot and guarenteed us the sale of the extra weeks. That's why we bought! The blond overweight sales woman (from Calgary) said that that's how she obtained her 16+ weeks and guarenteed that it was not a scam and he (his business)was very professional, reliable, and on the up and up. Made various calles to Vince prior to November to assure that everything was on track, calls never returned. The guy vanished. November came and went and no sign of Vince, the money for the sale of the weeks, or even a glimmer of hope for getting retrobution. Vince, at least give us back our "One time" service fee of $525.00. Now we know why it's a "one time" fee!! If anyone has any information, complaints, new updates on this matter, please let us know!! post it online. thanks!!
Posted by actors on 2004-03-08:
Vince, you're full of bull! I support Andre 100%! You scammed him just like you scammed us!
Posted by actors on 2004-03-08:
to sales... You're right! Andre, together with the rest of us that you scammed, aren't clients. We are simply people you chose to lie to, make empty promises to, and in short...scam! We were told our weeks were ALREADY rented prior to signing our contract with Playa Del Sol. There was no misunderstanding that!! You should be put out of business!! Although i doubt that will stop you guys from frauding people. You'd just find another way to do it! Once a con, always a con! At least do the honorable thing and return to us the $525.00 "one time" user fee!!!
Posted by frankielovestotravel on 2011-11-16:
Vincent Kahn

new operating location in Asia - Philippines.
same scam, using telephones now instead.

just be aware

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