Old Court Hotel - Witney, Oxfordshire UK Complaint - Locked out of Hotel at 8:30pm and abused for complaining

Review by Lytham Traveller on 2007-11-16
WITNEY OXFORDSHIRE UK -- The Old Court Hotel – Witney , Oxfordshire.

On Friday 9th November, we booked a double room for 2 nights Sat 10th and Sun 11th November. We paid in full with cash on arrival. On the second night we returned to the hotel after our day out just before 9 p.m. The hotel was in complete darkness and locked up. We had our keys with us but all of our possessions, clothes, toiletries and my wife’s daily medication were locked in the hotel. We were unable to raise anyone and no-one answered the phone. The hotel phone was redirected to the proprietor’s cell phone which only gave us the voicemail service. No one responded to our many voice messages and text messages. There was no-one on site and apparently no other guests. Eventually at 10:30 p.m. we had no choice but to book in another more expensive hotel, which luckily for us had a room available.

On returning to the hotel the following morning at 8:55am the hotel was still locked up. A heating contractor waiting outside told us that he had spoken to the proprietor ten minutes ago on his mobile phone and someone was coming to open up. The cleaner arrived at 9:05 and the proprietor at 9:50 but only after I phoned him and insisted he attend. He still had not returned any of our calls. We were offered a hollow “sorry” and weak excuses. He told he would see us on our way with one night’s refund that he handed to me in a sealed envelope and offered a bottle of wine as compensation, which we refused. When we insisted he pay our additional costs for the night at the other hotel (only another £25) he refused, became abusive, and said he had expected that WE would be reasonable people. He accused US of being rude, unreasonable and uncaring of his problems and he actually threw us out refusing to speak to us any more. We left realizing we could not expect any rationality from such a person.

We cancelled our plans for the next three days and returned home our Autumn break ruined. Considering staying at the Old Court Hotel? Do yourself a favor.
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Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-11-16:
I am afraid I see you situation differently. Without a doubt you should always be able to locate someone when a hotel is locked, always. On your 5 night hotel stays the first 2 were at the Old Court. The 2nd night was the problem. You had to spend 25pounds more for another room. You got into an argument with the owner. Now you canceled the next 3 nights at of your vacation at other hotels. The owner apologized, gave your money back, tried to give you a peace offering (bottle of wine) but that wasn't enough. You got in a huff and ruined your own vacation.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-16:
Were there no other guest there that night?
Posted by yoke on 2007-11-16:
Was there something wrong with the heat in the hotel and that is why it was closed? Maybe they thought they had everyone out of the hotel when they closed up. They gave you your money back and offered a bottle of wine, what more did you want?
Posted by Chris on 2007-11-16:
I would not have taken the bottle of wine. I would have insisted that he give me a case of miller high life, instead.

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