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Review by mayursabharwal on 2007-11-20

I seriously ask you to not to go for Sansui products. They are poor quality and moreover the support is just on papers. I do not think the support services exist in real world.

My misery started in January 2007 when I bought sansui plasma TV and home theatre on my birthday. By July 2007, the woofer of home theatre system started making noise. I complained at sansui support center. AFTER A MONTH OF REPEATED CALLS TO THEIR SUPPORT CENTER, 2 guys came to my home who started fighting with us over the issue that we had given wrong address at their support center. I checked the address and it was perfectly fine, it was their mistake that they were finding the address in a wrong street. SANSUI SHOULD HIRE TECHNICAL STAFF WHO HAVE BASIC MANNERS AND ETIQUETTES.

then they asked us to start the home theatre system, i did so. voice was clean that time and they said its all fine. i told them that voice starts getting bad in about 15 minutes after its switched on. they told me that they are busy guys and do not have time and cannot wait for 15 minutes and we should have it switched on and should call them only when it starts getting bad. THEY WENT WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING.

I raised a complaint again in the month of July. After repeated calls to Sansui staff at all levels, I COULD GET A TECH PERSON AT MY PLACE AFTER 4 months of filing first complaint. At least that guy was pretty patient and sat for 20 minutes and them he could see what the problem was. he switched off the woofer, unscrewed the woofer box and screwed it again. I switched on the system and voice was fine. He asked to leave and i asked him to stay there for 20 minutes because the system was restarted and i wanted to check if it remains fine till 20 minutes after switching on the system. But the guy was restless and insisted to leave. He left and well after 20 minutes woofer started making noises again.

I got annoyed and after 3 days i.e on 20th November 2007, i called their support center and asked the guy about the problem. Mr. Jain immediately handed over phone to another guy because he knew that i was pretty annoyed with their services. The other guy asked me for complaint number. I gave him the complaint number and that joker told me that the complaint number did not exist. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

I had a tech guy here on that complaint number few days back. After hearing this, I completely lost it. I told them that i have had enough for LAST 4 MONTHS and if my system is not fixed within one day, I would sue them. They guy told me in a very insulting tone that I could do whatever I could and I was not the only one. WELL THIS IS THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THEIR CUSTOMERS.

My most latest complaint number is 400sc07k12787 , if anyone wants to know more about their products email me at mail@thewebdrivers.com or call me at 9871419619. they did lots of other small things which can irritate even the most coolest creatures on earth.


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