Dr. Bindel Complaint - fraudulent billing

Review by Anonymous on 2003-08-03
MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- I went to see Dr. Bindel in Monterey, Ca. for my annual gynocological exam. I was sent a bill for $10.30. When looking into it I found that I was being charged for a box of 100 rubber gloves ($10.00) and the $0.30 was for the lubricant. My insurance denied the rubber gloves and paid 80% of the lubricant when these were submitted. I contacted her office and was told to pay or go to collections. My bill is at $20.30. The extra $10.00 is because they charge $5.00 for each time they bill.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-05:
Turn them in to Medicare (HCFA, Healthcare Financing Administration and the State Medicaid program) Getting charged for the entire box of gloves is sheer greed! Call them and tell them you are going to report them....guaranteed that bill will go away....Medicare is a doctor's cash cow! They're not going to give that up!
Posted by N. on 2006-07-02:
Sounds to me like the quantity of gloves was probably 1 pair, but another 2 digits (00) was added in error. I cannot understand how they could otherwise justify the charge. If you really tried to politely refute the charge and got nowhere, then I would pay the charge and march on down to your local courthouse and file a small claims suit. I would not do this for the refund as much as getting the point across to the office that you mean business. I am betting that 1: the doctor has no idea of this problem... and 2: she will when her office is subpoenaed to court, and 3: when she is made aware of this she will immediately settle with you because she doesnt want to pay a staff member to sit in a courtroom for half a day.

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