North Scottsdale Hyundai Complaint - Usual auto dealer deceptions

Review by rx2man on 2007-11-20
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- Went up to North Scottsdale Hyundai after having no success trying to negotiate with Hyundai of Tempe, would not budge from invoice. After spending a good hour or so negotiating the price, trade in etc. AND repeating several times that we wanted to upgrade and buy the extended Hyundai bumper to bumper 10/100 warranty, (we were talking to Jeff the sales/general manager) we came to a deal. Signed all the paperwork, took delivery. It was not until we got home that I realized that the extended warranty was not from Hyundai but from a 3rd party. Contacted the dealership the next day and was told by the finance guy Mustafa that he was not sure if they sold the Hyundai extended warranty. This did not make sense but he stated he had only been at the dealership for 2 weeks. Called Hyundai corp to find out what forms they needed to make sure that if there were issues upon return it could be sorted out.

I was afraid that they sold me a lower grade warranty in an effort to increase profits. Talked with Hyundai and was told to ask for the Hyundai Advantage Plus plan through JM&A. It seems that in June ish 2007 Hyundai corp contracted out their extended warranty to a 3rd party. So with this new information I called the dealership back and asked to speak with Mustafa again, he did not know about the JM&A plan so I asked to speak with Jeff the manager to get the information to Mustafa so that when I arrived at the dealership they could swap out warranties. Would have been nice for Jeff to tell me that they don't sell that warranty, don't ya think!!!! Since he failed to mention it when we were buying the car as well. But he did not, get up to the dealership to find out that they don't sell it at all. Call Hyundai corp to find out what is going on, only then do we realize that not all dealerships are participating in the new warranty program through JM&A.

A very aggravating experience with North Scottsdale Hyundai. Never mentioned any of this. I will say in their defence that they would have allowed us to return the car and get our trade in back. But the wife and I were really tired of the whole car shopping thing and decided to keep the car and cancel/return the 3rd party extended warranty. I am also not happy at all with Hyundai corp for changing the warranty plans. With a new Hyundai you get a 5 yr / 60k bumper to bumper warranty, and a 10/100 powertrain warranty. By upgrading to the Hyundai Advantage plus you have a 10 yr bumper to bumper. Nice to not have to worry for 10 yrs. 100k miles. I had the warranty thrown into the 72 mos @ 0% fincing promotion Hyundai is doing in Nov. 2007. Now I will have to purchase it on the side if I decide to do so.

Not sure if I will as I now understand its not the same warranty that was avail prior to June, 2007. In summary I feel that the sales manager Jeff tried to deceive us by not telling us in the beginning that they did not sell the Hyundai Advantage Plus warranty. This was one of the major factors leading us to purchase a new Hyundai. Making it worse the dealership tried to pull one over on us by selling a warranty not even endorsed by Hyundai corp.

In the about us on the dealers site.

"Our Dealership has built a reputation on providing courteous, honest service. Our customers appreciate the way we do business, and we know you will too. Take a moment to read the info below and find out what makes us an exceptional place to buy or service your automobile."

Imagine how much worse it could be if they did not provide courteous, honest service!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-21:
Good for you getting rid of the third-party warranty. We all know how worthless they can be. Just be ready to get junk mail from other warranty places offering you more of the same.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-11-21:
Since you didn't specify the exact warranty you wanted, it appears he sold you the best warranty plan he had available and then when you decided you didn't want it he offered to reverse the entire sale and/or refund your money for the warranty. Compared to what we see from a lot of dealers here, that's pretty good service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-21:
I have to go with Hugh and PB one this because one PB is right third-party warranties are a load of crap and they don't honor them anyway.

Hugh is right about the service you got most of the time they just try and keep your money by wasting your time and hoping you will just go away.
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-11-21:
Not all third party warranties are "crap." We sell extended service plans offered by Universal Underwriters. They are good at any ASE authorized service stations/dealers in the US, claims are no harder to get approved than regular manufacturer warranties (We have Honda and GM), and I know of no major issues that we have ever had. Why did our dealership start offering these programs over the factory-sponsored ones? (and why most other dealers do as well)--because the cost is less to the consumer. As squeezed as most new car dealers are today, we depend on selling extended warranties which are both a good value to the customer and help our bottom line. I realize their are some 3rd party providers out there that would meet the definition of "crap," but with all due respect, some of you make your opinions a priority over facts. Either that, or you believe everything you read in Consumer Reports.
Posted by rx2man on 2007-11-22:
I did not expect people to be reading this already. Maybe I did not make myself clear in my original post. When we started the negotiating process I specifically said that we wanted the 10/100 bumper to bumper hyundai warranty. I think thats pretty clear, I did not say unless you have a 3rd party warranty that I can get. I stated I want that Hyundai backed one several times in the process so that it would be included in negotiations over price. The car we traded in was a 04 Hyundai that went to the dealer last year 4-5 times because of 2 wires being reversed. It took the dealers 4-5 times and various parts before they realised what was wrong. It would have been very expensive taking this to the dealer or another mechanic without the warranty. Unfortunatly as we bought the car used we only had the balance of the 5/60 bumper to bumper. The only reason we were trading the car in was also because it had 60k on it and no warranty left. So again the dealer knew all of this, and never botherd to tell us that we dont sell the Hyundai backed warranty.

I also left out some of the drama of the 2nd day. We had to wait an hour for the finance guy to show up, for some reason before we got there at 3:45 he headed out for a bit. We were told he would be back in 15 min. Well he returned at 4:45. I wonder if it was deliberate as I called yesterday and asked him to fax over the forms to cancell the 3rd party warranty. He never did. The reason the dealer offered to cancel the entire deal is because my wife was extremely unhappy that we had to drive 60 something miles to the dealership for a 2nd day. We were unhappy that no one told about the warranty issues until the 2nd day. My wife started screaming at the and I took her outside so she could calm down at which point she completely broke down and started to cry. When we came back in and they could see how upset she was they then decided that we could cancel the deal. But the salesperson had taken my trade in keys home with him and was off the 2nd day we were there. So we were told to come back the next day, my wife would have none of that. I called the sales person Al Talib (good guy, new and not aware of not selling the Hyundai warranty), he said he would bring the keys to us. Also I should say that the internet sales manager Cara Slotarski has been very helpful and is going to fax us the warranty cancellation forms. No help from fincance in that area. Anyway as we had to wait for a bit for Al to show up be calmed down and decided that we did not want to drive the trade in back home nor did we feel like car shopping anymore at this point, told Al not to come to the dealership. Another sales person said he would talk to the owner to find out about the hyundai warranty so unfortunatly we did not get the cancellation froms while we were there. Again I want to repeat if we had been todl in the begining that they did not sell that hyundai warranty then there would not have been any of this and we would have gone to another Hyundai dealer. Knowing this and my guess not wanting to loose a sale they tried to sell us a 3rd party warratny hoping that we would not figure it out, and we did not, until I got home and started looking at the paperwork, wondering why the name Hyunada was no where on the warranty.
Posted by rx2man on 2007-11-22:
I also failed to mention and this gets back to the anything for a sale that Jeff the sales manager and Mustafa the finance guy are all about. We are a little upside down in our loan with the trade in. So Mustafa wanted to sell us GAP. He specifically stated that GAP through Esurance would be $12 per month, well its $7 and alot less than the $699 he quoted us.
Posted by catforlife87 on 2007-12-02:
I bought a Sante Fe there a few months ago and had no problems at all but the process did take to long. Did you expect to get everything for free? They are a business! Do you work for free?
Posted by rx2man on 2007-12-09:
catforlife87 are you a complete moron or do you work or are you somehow associated with the dealership. What part is it about my review you find objectionable, well besides my follow up asking you if you are a complete moron. In case you question me catagorizing you as a moron here is a definition. Moron
1. A stupid person; a dolt.
2. Psychology A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.
Now back to your "free" comment. I dont expect things to be free and I do like to get paid, however. When the finance guy Mustafa tells me that Esurance does not sell GAP and that he has a great deal and it turns out that is not true and what Esurance sells is actually alot less I think people should know this. I did not say I shopped around and found the best deal I could either, I contacted my insurance company and that is the rate I was quoted. I would assume its about average. So if you purchased GAP from them and feel stupid about it I am sorry and did not mean to offend you. However before you decide to jump into a review and dont want to look like a complete moron think about what you are going to say. Also maybe review some other posts so you dont look like you are associated with the dealership in some way.
Posted by rx2man on 2008-03-07:
Update, I was finally able last week to get the extended warranty refunded. I had called the dealership repeatedly, but was constantly given the run around. I was also told that they were havign a difficult time getting the warranty company to refund the warranty. I finally contacted the Az Attorney Generals Office. A week or so later my money was refunded. Only took 3 and a half months.
Posted by brutus1961 on 2009-01-18:
to rx,it is standard practice to carry third party warranties.please understand that we felt your anguish in your post but you should realize that you are one of the fortunate to get your money back for it,most car dealers refuse.
Posted by rx2man on 2009-01-29:
brutus, you are correct, dealers do carry 3rd party warranties, the issue is I specifically stated several times I wanted the Hyundai 10/100 bumper to bumper, I never said if you cant offer the Hyundai warranty sell me a 3rd party warranty. When I bought the car the dealer did not sell the Hyundai extended 10/100 bumper to bumper warranty. Was the 1st I had ever heard of such a thing. It actually took several months to get the money from them, alot of phone calls, I finally contacted the Attorney Generals office and filed a complaint, only then did they issue the check!!!!!!! Real peace of work that dealership, will never go back.

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