A New View Windows and Doors Complaint - Window and Door installation problems

Review by lkbooth on 2007-11-25
I retained A New View Windows and Doors for all new windows, doors, and siding. They started by attempting to cover up extensive termite damage. Things got worse from there. Since they abandoned the job in August, I have been having other contractors repair a several pages of defects. Moreover, they attempted to sue me without finishing the job.

The whole thing is headed to court, while I continue to repair my house. The state contractors board is also now involved.
Company Response on 11/17/2008:
This dispute was settled out of court on 11/14/08. The homeowner was ordered by the judge to make no further comments regarding this case on websites such as this. The only penalty
A New View Windows and Doors, Inc. may receive after review of the job by the Contractor's State License Board is related to the type of contract used which was not detailed enough and did not include change orders.

This job was permitted in the city in which the homeowner lives and passed every inspection, including a final inspection.

Our company has a AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau and an active and clean contractor's license. We have been in business for 8 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. 80% of our business is referral and repeat business.
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Posted by burley1 on 2008-01-19:
I wonder how much money you owe them? because if you are making them sue you it makes me think you are trying to screw them out of their money. If you have termites call a termite company. This review seems suspect to me. I will call and get their side and report back. When I was in the service industry I would get people try and not pay the balance of there bill by blaming me for other things. Did the window people make your car start leaking oil as well?
Posted by lkbooth on 2008-01-21:
Judging by your lack of objectivity and finger pointing style, you apparently work for this contractor. Just FYI, A New View was told about the termites before the start of the job so that the general contractor could coordinate in for repairs. Instead, they attempted to cover all of the damage up in an attempt to get the job done fast. And by the way, they left me with almost 3 pages in 10 point type of defects in the job.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-21:
M3C'ers we gonna let these two fight it out?
'Outta be good. Kinda like the my free estimates post. had to change that. Was busy while I posted
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-21:
I have a twenty spot on lkbooth. Any odd's yet?
Posted by ray125 on 2008-01-22:
I have to agree with burley1. If you knew you had termites then why did you let the siding company start the siding. How would they know you had termites? If you told them, why would they start anyway??? This does not make sense. I am putting my money on the siding company!
Posted by burley1 on 2008-01-22:
Judging by your insecurity I must be correct in my assumptions. I do not work for the contractor and have never for that matter, that being said I have however worked in the service industry as I said before and some people just like trying to screw good hard working people out of money and your post reads just that way. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. I did say I was going to contact the contractor and I didn’t, what I did do was look them up on the state contractors board web site and BBB website and you will never guess what I found, NOTHING everything checks out perfectly. Hmm coincidence? I doubt it. Keep Smiling Booth you will most likely find some poor unsuspecting person to dick around again soon, I am sure you are always on the lookout..

P.S. you may want to stop posting about your exploits because pretty soon we will all know who you are and no one will do business with you. FYI a person that writes post with such a strong air of scumbag is a red flag. Oh one last question, how do you shave your own face in the mirror????

Do you believe in Karma!! I hope not.

Keep Smiling

Posted by burley1 on 2008-01-22:

Ill take that bet.
Posted by V on 2008-01-23:
A comment about siding/termite damage.

Many siding companys can be hired to also fix termite damage (as long as there are no live termites at that time) as well as place the siding. It costs more, of course, but can save some time.
Posted by lkbooth on 2008-01-26:
Now that we have a good discussion going, the termites were subterranian and very obvious in the trim areas around doors and windows. A New view agreed to stop when the siding was removed so that an inspection and repairs could be performed by my general contractor. Instead they installed underthickness (a violation of the contract)sheeting over the damage and stated that there was no evidence until I compelled them to pull the undersized sheeting off. Then as planned, my general contractor easlty repaired all of the damage. To bad I cannot post pictures. I have many revealing shots. From a bussiness practice stand point, attemping to cover up known damages contray to agreement is not acceptable nor ethical.

I too have spent my life in a customer service related business. In over 25 years, knowone have ever ripped me off or taken me to court because I bent over backwards to make poeple happy (a successful auto repair business depends on return business). My carrer has spanned from dealer service departments to the highest qaulity automobile OEMS. Almost without exception, people do not attempt to rip off quality service providers who deliver what they promised. That includes me.

The comments about the BBB and CSLB site raise some interesting issues. When A New View attempted to use the CSLB sponsored arbitration instead of finishing my job, I was perplexed. Unfortunately, under California state law the CSLB cannot post anything negative unless there is a court judgement on file. Almost all disputed cases end up in the state funded arbitration program because the consumers legal fees are not reimburseable except in certain cases such as fraud. The bad news is that all of the business and professions code violations in a case go away if the consumer artbitirates the case. This is how the unethical contractor segment gets away with patterns of unethical behavior. Due to the substantial and significant ethical issues involved in this case, we have choosen to pursue legal action in this case so that the judgement will be posted on the CSLB web site.

My appologies for the lagtime in respose, but I was traveling all last week on the East Coast.

Thanks for your comments,


Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-26:
Put me down for one as well super.
Posted by lkbooth on 2008-01-26:
Thanks to Super!

This a great forum on the web to get the word out on the facts of my case so that other consumers are weel informed. This case contains over 10 violations of the California Business and Professions code. The termite issue is a business practices issue that is just the beginning of a case that cosists of 23 major defects paid and estimated at 23K to repair. Moreover, the A New View Windows and Doors abandoned the job without repairing most of the defects they created. They attempted to bully me then arbitrate their way out. I wonder how Burley1 would feel if he had water leaking into his living room due to an 1/8 hole in the calk and doors dragging because A New View Windows and Doors did not install the required long screws in the hinges. Virtually, every week I deal with another defect.

By the way, Milgard has been great with regards to repairing their products. This is the 3rd time I have had Milgard windows and would not consider any other brand in the future. For them, this is a dealer problem. They have been great in trying to make things right. Unfortunately, there is not much the manufacturer can do with things like cutting off the bottom factory attached flashing on the nailins they installed. I still love Milgard!

Take Care,


PS, anyone know of a forum site where I can tell my story in pictures?

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