Festiva Resorts Complaint - Don't Pay For A - Time Share

Review by festiva on 2007-11-27
To whom it concerns:

I am sending this to the only email address that is on your website and will follow up to the chamber of commerce in North Carolina and also South Carolina and the web if this issue is not addressed and resolved.

We were contacted by your marketing department some time ago concerning touring property in Charleston SC. We are already owners at Bluegreen and love Charleston. We had considered increasing our points to be able to spend a month in the city, so we were excited about your property located on Church Street. We selected a date and inquired if we would be put up at the Church Street Inn and were told that it was too small, however we would have rooms at a hotel that was comparable to that property. She mentioned a property by California Dreamin, River View _________?? I asked, is this a nice property and she assured me it was. When we arrived and checked in, we were told we would be staying at the Sleep Inn in MT. Pleasant. We told them that was not what we were told and we were informed that for $169.00 more per night.....we could stay at the Charleston Harbor Inn....We declined. It was late, we had a long drive and we were anxious to get to the hotel. We were also told that we could address this problem the next day at the resort when we toured it.

When we arrived, there were 3 employees in the lobby. One was working on the guest computer, the other was a young man with low, baggy pants, a sleep inn shirt and name badge on, and a baseball cap on backwards...the other was lounging on the sofa. None of them said a word to us...... the front desk employee was outside smoking and came in to register us. He was very nice. As we looked around it became apparent to us what we were in for....when we got to our room, we were shocked. The room had mold growing on the wall from the air conditioner and smelled of must. I am attaching a few of the pictures we took of this for your review. Including the great reception on the TV.......Since we were checking into Lodge Alley on Monday, we immediately called Bluegreen to see if we could check into our room early but unfortunately, it was already booked, so we decided to just not spend anymore time in this hotel than we absolutely had to.

When we met with the agent the next day, he was very nice and pleasant to work with and we are sorry for him, that we could not purchase this timeshare. When we were presented the offer. $30,000 for one weeks worth of points to Charleston we were flabbergasted. They expected us to write them a check for that amount and then they had us stay in the Sleep Inn...(and we actually were charged $99.00 + to do this.)...Sandy, the manager, proceeded to tell us that it was not her problem and that we should contact corporate. She also said, Obviously this means you have no intention on buying.

We contacted corporate and spoke to Debbie and she was kind, courteous and as helpful as she could be. She then referred us to Karen Bainbridge in the marketing department out of Myrtle Beach and this is where the story gets worse. When I explained the situation to her, she said, if it was so bad, why didn't you just go to one of the 850 + other rooms in the area? I told her because we had been charged for this.....she said there was no possible way it could have looked that bad and actually insinuated that I was making up the story. I told her, I don't care if you credit my credit card for the entire amount, just have them give me a coupon for meals or something because we have absolutely no intention of taking advantage of the other property she had signed us up to see.....and she said that is not possible...I told her that Sandy had bragged that Festiva was so small and intimate that she picks up the phone and calls the president to have an issue resolved, why can't you and she said, "no."

Please contact us about this situation after reviewing the pictures that Ms. Bainbridge said we did not have.
Company Response on 05/27/2009:
I realize this post is somewhat dated, but please let us know if your issues were resolved after you sent the e-mail.

If you have other questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to ownerservices@festivaresorts.com or post your question at http://festivaresorts.wordpress.com/question-answer.

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