Tnetix Complaint - The Worst Ever! - Correctional Collect Call Billing

Review by Elle Mo on 2007-11-27
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have checked my bank statement today which shows that I was billed twice for one charge by this company. Right before Thanksgiving I sent them a copy of the bank statement as they requested to show proof of the same duplicate charge that they claim never occurred. As of this time after reviewing my bank statement they deny receiving two payments even though they have seen the bank documentation as proof. My bank will now investigate further.

This company has the rudest people and the worst service. Calls drop and you are still billed for the full amount of time, $4.10 for 20 minutes (or less if your call drops!) I feel that I am treated in an unacceptable business behavior but because they are my only option for making calls through to my loved ones I am forced to deal with this company and their mistakes. I pray that the local news, our local representative or some type of media will expose who the real "criminals" are in this situation.

It is certainly not the inmate on the other line, in this case... Let's do something!!!!!!
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Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-28:
lol @ "the REAL criminals"! They're not the ones behind bars, are they now?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-28:
Elle Mo, the problem is that you are spiting in the wined here as you can see above. Most people ASSUME that the inmate is the one paying for all this and if you are the family of the inmate you should pay as well. They fail to see that the prison system has become as or more corrupt then the criminal's in most cases. People lump all criminals in to one pot and again assume that one is as bad as the other. They don't take the time to understand that in more cases then one the only reason a criminal is in prison is because he/she could not afford to "buy" there way out like others because the system only operates under the premise that we have (Justice for all) when in fact you will only have justice if you can pay for it. Prison's are a for profit organizations and these same people that are so assuming don't even know that we the people are the ones funding this in the first place. What do we get for our money? People go in to a minimum-security prison and come out worst then before. From there is the progression to the "big house" or maximum-security prison. The phones companies that are put here under the pretence of saving the tax payer money in reality cost the tax payer money and also help make worst a bad situation.

Write your congressman and anyone that you can get to listen. People as a rule don't care, as long as its not them its not there problem but it is and it will come back on them one day, hope its not to late. Good luck to you and your loved one in prison I pray God will guide out of the prison and away from that which put him/her there.

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