Eagle Creek Informative - STOP theft from checked-in baggage (Eagle Creek)

Review by 23169 on 2007-12-07
For all the people that travel and are tired of having to leave their luggage UN locked. There now seems to be a solution to this problem.

Eagle Creek is selling some small locks, with key’s or combination locks that are approved by the TSA. I got some and will try them on my next trip, they cost is about $8.00 bucks. I called the TSA to make sure they would work and they say YES!

The locks I got come with key’s and on the bottom of the locks is a TSA code number that they will have a key for and if you get the ones with the combination lock it will have the code as well so they will open your bags and then lock them back. This I feel gives one a little security when wondering who is going to steal my stuff. It does make it easier to say it was the TSA if anything is gone.

Eagle Creek Locks for BaggageI am not sure about out of country yet, they say you will have to check with the country you are going too. But it’s worth a try anyway and if you are just traveling in the country then its worth the $8.00.

They have a lot of other stuff for travel as well.

Check out there web site @ http://www.eaglecreek.com/accessories/security_id/TSA-Travel-Safe-Lock-41018/
Comments:8 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-12-08
Posted by B. on 2007-12-07:
Have used tsa appoved locks before, never had a problem yet. Not sure what brand I have. Thanks for the info.(VH)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-07:
bargod, thanks and I didn't even know they had them, where have I been?
Posted by Dan on 2007-12-07:
Thanks for the VH info Lidman!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-07:
I have read many reports of baggage secured with TSA approved locks that still have been torn open and heavily damaged. Some reports also of the locks never even touched.
Posted by MRM on 2007-12-07:
The only items I pack in my check-in luggage are my clothes. As long as theres nothing valuable in there, I could care less if the luggage is not secured.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-12-07:
I'll attest to those!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-07:
Well thanks for the feedback, sorry it wasn't about a bad burger.
Posted by D. on 2007-12-08:
That's not going to stop anything. Try this...if you have a soft luggage, which most of them are (they nylon type)...all you have to do is hold the lock and pull the bag and waaa laaa it's wide open with lock still in place. I've tried this on mine when I was traveling and I realized a lock is of no use at all on these kind of luggage. When I went to business college for Travel and Tourism, one of my instructors who was a travel agent...used to work at an airport. He told us there is not luggage lock that they (the theifs) can't get into. They even conducted a test and said of all the locks tested, they were able to open the luggage of all of them. Plastic zippers, yeah LOL those are REALLY tamperproof!

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