Restore-24 Carpet Care Complaint - Ripped up carpet and took my padding and left that way since January 07

Review by Lakia on 2007-12-14
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- On the date of service, Restore personal neglected to obtain authorization to rip up my carpeting and take the padding. On the day, Sonoma's main line caused flooding to occur in my unit. The only service I authorized at that time was for the personal to re-do cleaning from the day prior. Upon entrance into my unit, their protocol as subcontractors is to obtain a working order prior to providing service that Sonoma condo is to pay for. Prior floods from the main line was taken care of by the same company Restore 24 and usually they simply use a water vac to suck up the water and then leave a blower to reduce dampness. My carpet has been left cut up all over the unit. No carpeting in most places and 80% of padding removed. Mold and mildew is all over the carpet and has caused documented Medical problems with upper respiratory problems and son with asthma had to be removed from environment until we can resolve issue.

When owner Jason came to retrieve his blower, he requested I give him 150$ prior to providing service of placing back my padding and carpeting and repair of the cuts in the rug. Since he came early to retrieve his blower left for 2 weeks, he was actually early for apt. I did expect by his behavior he had no intention of repairing my carpet, rather retrieving his blower as quickly as possible.

I asked that he start and within 5 min. so I could return from local ATM with cash since he refused any other form of payment, he refused and stated he didn't need my petty money. My carpet remains as they left it. I have begged and pleaded that they please just finish what they started.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-12-14:
No, this isn't right. I'd do this routine. First contact the BBB in your area online and submit a complaint. If they don't answer it or their response isn't something that will rectify the situation then go to Florida's AG and file one with them. Their online address is http://myfloridalegal.com/. If that doesn't work, you'll need to take them to court and I would include mold removal in the litigation.
Posted by moneybags on 2007-12-14:
If the water/sewer line is flooding your condo, you need to contact your city or county government. There is some kind of problem for which they should bear the cost. Also, you said this has happened before. Perhaps you need to call the condo board and file an insurance claim with the condos' insurance or file on your own policy and let your insurance company take it up with the condo association and/or the contractor. At any rate, with mold, which can form within days, the carpet will all need removing, the slab will have to be disinfected and possibly sealed and all carpet and pad replaced. Did this happen in January '07? By this date, you may have waited too long for insurance action unless you have work orders, etc. to show that you tried to subregate the damages.

Furthemore, it is a frequest occurance that padding has to be removed. You simply cannot suck out all the water. Even is they could, there is always residual water that comes from neighbors units, walls, over saturated soil, etc.
Normal procedure is to remove pad, let slab dry, disinfect, put in new pad, relay carpet. The carpet is also normally removed if it is salvagable so that it can be cleaned and sanitized. It should only then be relaid.

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