1and1 Informative - Termination of account within 30 days, continue to bill my credit card

Review by jeffrey262@aol.com on 2007-12-15
ILLINOIS -- 1and1's deceptive business practices should and will be submitted to the Attorney General Office in PA.

I enrolled in Hosted Exchange. 1and1 tech support is awful. After tech support could not get my exchange account operational within 7 days, I decided to terminate my account. I sent and email and called 1and1 after my credit card was charged and explained why I cancelled my account. They said they never received a call or received a termination request from me. I sent 1and1 the email once again. They said they would credit my credit card. I never received a credit. I called my credit card company and refused to pay 1and1 fee's. So far, this incident has happened 3 billing cycles. 1and1 bills for 3 months in advance.

After I received my last statement, I sent billing@1and1.com a request to terminate my account and remove my credit card information from their billing system. I asked for a confirmation that my request be honored. I notified 1and1 that if I do not receive a confirmation by a certain date -- allowing aample time to comply, that I would file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office.

As of writing this review, 1and1 has not complied.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-15:
Close that credit card out and get a new number or get a block on it for any charges from 1&1. You may want to give GoDaddy a try they seem to do a very good job, Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-15:
I agree with super Godaddy is the best.
Posted by Mario The Great on 2007-12-16:
I too have a dislike for 1&1. I own 85 websites and the majority of them are registered through 1&1. Every year, without fail, they bill me the yearly amount instead of offering me a discount on later dates. If I call and complain, they'll change the dates BUT I have to put in writing my cancellation of the previous charge and then they prorate it. Yeah, real nice. If you want to drop a site, they will still charge you until you put it in writing that you want to cancel it. If you dispute the charge, they will lock out ALL of your accounts. They just notified me that the yearly rate would rise to 7.95. Looks like it's time to switch.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-16:
Mario, with that many domains set yourself up as a GoDaddy re-seller. You will earn commissions on everything you do with them including your own domains, hosting, SSL Certs, the works. We have been doing it like that for a couple years since we dumped Intersol, we have saved a great deal of money on our won stuff and made extra money from our re-seller site. Give them a try, can't hurt.


Current Pro Buy Rates1:
.COM $6.73
.INFO $1.50
.MOBI $7.50
.BIZ $6.59
Private Registration $1.00
Hosting $3.15
Email $7.50
SSL Certificates $14.95
Web Site Builder $3.70

We use the Super Reseller Plan. The link above has nothing to do with us, it's just a link to the re-seller area.
Posted by Mario The Great on 2007-12-17:
Super....Sweeeeettttttttt. Thanks for the advice. I will do just that. They are currently parked with SEDO but only 1 has sold in a year. Maybe the change will be good and earn me money. Again, thanks for the great advice. 1&1 is going the way of CompUSA!
Posted by cwmassey on 2008-02-26:
I received a notice from 1&1 that they were about to charge my account for services for two domains that I had bought the previous year but never used. I responded to the email telling them that I did not want the domains and they were not authorized to charge my account they responded with their terms of agreement section 3.3 saying they didn't need additional authorization by me to charge my account. I called the 877 number and spoke with Lisa in their billing department. She was as helpful as a bump on a log. She walked me through the process on February 15, 2008 to cancel my account. On February 21, 2008, 1&1 charged my bank account anyway. When I called them today February 26, 2008 and asked why, they said that I never responded to a confirmation Email, therefore, I had not completed my cancellation request. They also refused to refund my ~$14. for the charges. 1&1 is a highly deceptive company with sleazy business practices. There customer support is downright despicable. I recommend that anyone thinking of purchasing a domain name to consider any other company than 1&1. They are a very deceptive company with poor business practices. I for one plan to file a complaint with the NC BBB, and the States Attorney Generals Office.

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