Thayer Toyota/Mazda/Scion Monroe, Michigan Complaint - A bluntly delivered switching

Review by Eleanor & DC on 2007-12-16
MONROE, MICHIGAN -- We arranged a Scion auto lease at Monroe, Michigan's Thayer Toyota/Mazda/Scion on October 16, 2007. Our credit report was run, we paid $525.16 by credit card, and we signed and finalized. We were given documentation of an incentive of four hundred fifty dollars in Speedway gas credit. We asked if signing on this day was an absolute commitment, and we were told that it was, indeed. When we indicated that the incentive could, then, be presented, we were give a ten dollar gas card, told to wait for delivery, and walked to the door.

We were assured that he vehicle was ordered, and it was arranged, with us, to be picked up "at the very latest" the week before Thanksgiving. Oddly, at four separate points in our transactions, the dealership's proprietor and the salesperson both coyly questioned exactly when our current lease expired, which was followed by their sharp and direct attention for a reply. We were a little spooked, and did not divulge the impending date, until the very end of November - during one of several long and patronizing telephone chats with the salesperson. These calls never treated any more business than an initial query on the Scion delivery, and vague excuses claiming absolute unknowing-- aside from their further leading me to mention of my current lease end.

When I divulged the deadline for my current auto lease, the conversation was scrambled abruptly to an end by the Thayer employee, but not before (with 'flags' popping up) I strictly requested that I be informed where the vehicle was, according to corporate tracking. I was lavished in promise and heard a "click".

About ten days later, I contacted the proprietor myself, and he said that my demand was news to him, but that he would track the vehicle and call me back. I contacted him after three business days and a weekend, and he said that such requests require some time, so I asked to specify a day to expect his call. Two days after this deadline, I reached the proprietor, and he gave vague information that the car was in port. Later, when I checked by telephone every week, the salesperson and the proprietor each dropped similarly vague 'push-aways', smugly.

My current lease ended, and Thayer Toyota/Mazda/Scion agreed hesitatingly to give me a free-of-charge loaner, through the Sales Manager, Tim. We traveled to Monroe to pick up the loaner before a jaunt to Findlay to drop off our only car.

Tim was tense and tentative when we arrived on Saturday, December 16. He rushed us into a tiny office, and waved in a woman who was standing by, without introduction. The Sales Manager delivered with undue timbre and pacing for such a small space and company.

Tim announced that he ran our credit report again without our consent or knowledge. The filing itself had created a demeaning of our score, and Tim waived dollar figures, scrawled on a folded sheet of paper. Tim demanded that we choose one of his options. They were about 30% higher than the previous agreement. Then he said that he would need a down payment of $3,500.00, and he would need it tonight.

We were, at first, refused any time to consider the demand, but after several minutes the Thayer sales manager made quick marks on a loaner waiver, rose, and herded us from the little office to the loaner. The salesperson had identified a 2008 Prius as our loaner, but we drove away in an earlier model used car. We are not at all concerned about this. We are concerned about the agreement we signed for the loaner, and the orchestrated pressure that we experienced at Thayer. At the end of the long evening, we realized that the agreement is a car rental form, with our copy blank, but for our name and signature. We are concerned about the strategic and unexpected "shark attack" after over ten weeks of waiting for a car that we have already leased.

We committed to meet with Thayer next Saturday.

When we take a bird's eye view of things, it seems sure that people and operations like Thayer just reach for pitchforks and torches at this point, or shake out the old choir robe and begin to demonstrate well practiced, expert defensive manuevers through onslaught.

Meanwhile, I wonder how bad they can hurt me - all signs point to a clan of dark hearts.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-16:
Why do I get the feeling that something is wrong here. Once the vehicle status is listed "at port", it usually takes about 3 - 7 days to get to the dealers lot, depending on how far that dealer is from the port of entry.

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