Folsom Imports Complaint - I was led atray - Purchase of Used Jaguar

Review by Jag Blues on 2007-12-17
FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- Back in Apr. of '07, I purchased a used Jaguar X-Type--paid cash. The dealership asured me that the car was great. In Dec '07, I sell the Jag for a new Corvette, right next door to the dealership. I find out from Folsom Chevrolet that my Jaguar had been in an accident prior to my purchase. I was as angry as a pack of hornets. Folsom Imports did not reveal to me the fact that the car I was purchasing had been involved in an accident. I went to Folsom Imports to confront them, no one would see me or call me after leaving me phone number. I was told by my new car dealership, Folsom Chevrolet, that a dealership must disclose all informaion about a used car that I purchase. If I had known that the car was in an accident, I would never have purchased that car.

Folsom Imports is about themselves, they do not care about their name. Everywhere I go, I tell my story-Shame on You Folsom Imports!!!!
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-12-23
Posted by runaway on 2007-12-18:
Did they assure you the car had never been involved in an accident, or just that it was in great condition and ran well? If they were not told of the accident, how could they inform you? Also, are you sure the other dealership isn't pulling your leg to pay less for your trade in? It has happened before...

You were happy with your purchase until you were ready to trade it in on another vehicle...enough said.
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-12-19:
I agree with runaway...and have to add that, I am not familiar of any laws on used cars that accidents have to be disclosed...Reconstructed, salvage, and flood absolutely must be disclosed...Unless CA has special laws. I have a feeling that you probably were unhappy with the trade figure, so the Chevy dealer brought up about the "prior accident" to justify the trade in figure. I really doubt they told you that this must be disclosed. I think you are making a bigger deal about this than what it is.
Posted by Jag Blues on 2007-12-21:
If you purchase any used car, the dealership must disclose information on that vehicle by using CARFAX. This dealership, Folsom Imports, failed o disclose this information, leaving me with a piece of crap--albiet a Jaguar. Even when I lived in North Carolina, the dealership that I used disclosed all info. Because of the rotten quality presented by Folsom Imports, I will never purchase another used vehicle, nor new. Everyone withn the Folsom area, has spoken negatively of Folsom Imports. I will continue that trend!! Middle finger to you Folsom!!!!
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-12-23:
I still stick by what I said...A dealership selling pre-owned vehicles is not required to print a carfax (they are not always right anyway) or disclose prior accident damange to a customer...I am not saying that I do not understand why you are upset, as high-line vehicles with paint work are definitely less desirable (and worth less), but to be fair to Folsom Imports, aside from selling a used Jaguar with prior accident damange--that was fixed--they really did not do anything wrong. When purchasing a new vehicle, the dealer is required to disclose damange that exceeds $500.

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