Janice N. Young Complaint - Doctor too avoid at all costs.

Review by Anonymous on 2003-08-31
NAPLES, FLORIDA -- Doctor Janice N. Young, Too all the women that have ever thought of going to this doctor, run not walk to the nearest exit. If you are a woment of size I can guarantee that you will be treated as dirt, you will not be shown any diginty or respect/
This so called doctor did surgery on me and never went too speak too my husband after the operation, as a matter of fact my husband never met her, I never saw her before the surgery and not till the next afternoon after the surgery.
She never once washed her hands upon coming or going from my room and I ended up with an infection in my incision..
She took the staples out of the incision within 2 days of the operation and they were suppose to stay in 7 to 10 days and she sent me home after the third day and I hemmorrage that night at home, I was taken to the hospital and again I never saw this doctor till the next afternoon where again I was treated less then a human being.
This is one of the worst female doctors that I have ever met and pray that I never met another like her.
I only hope that she is treated this way so maybe she will remember too treat every patient as she would want to be treated.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-13:
If you want companies to take you seriously, you need to spell, and use correct grammer. It helps if you write your letter in a sensible way, so others can understand what you are complaining about.
Take a DEEP breath,(we all know you are upset). Start you letter by typing it in Word, or another program. Be sure to use the spell/grammer check. Then cut and paste your letter into MY3Cents.com.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-14:
This is too the person that wrote about my grammer etc. Please, I have filed a lawsuit against this Doctor. I was not telling about this doctor for you to tell me that I was not writing proper grammer.
This was a way for me to VENT!!! I did not ask for your advise and its clear too me you are either a male, in which case you do not have a clue.
Or you are someone that has never been treated in such a terriable manner.
So unless you have a comment about this Doctor, spare me the english lesson.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-06:
To Nikro - its actually 'grammar' not 'grammer', unless you are referring to the actor who plays Frazier !
However I do agree with your comments. And why would it have to be a man who criticised her abysmal spelling ?
By the way, what in hell is a 'woman of size' ? Is she small/big/wide/narrow ?

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