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Review by Anonymous on 2003-09-01
UNITED STATES & ALL OTHER COUNTRIES -- This company can be found all over the internet as well another site to give you information that may really save you some hardache. This company has branched out to other countries as well and have had problems outside the US as well.
http://signuptoday.estarnetwork.com check all the great information out.
As well as they say buyer beware. Well do beware because they want about $500.00 of your money to get started and will sell you anything to try and prove how great they are. However from the research that I have been shown and looked up myself they have been on the energy end run out of CA and can't get into VA for what ever reasons as of yet. They over charge and they only have Phone service here in VA and that isn't all that great either. You have to see the charges and then the charge to just have the long distance service. They have internet at $19.95 but I don't know all the details. I do know that gas, water, electric and cell phones is what they are also pushing. Just like they say if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is and no matter what anyone tells you, there is no get rich quick out there. Like anything you have to work and it has to be legal or by the guidelines and your own morals as well.
pull up complaints acn and complaints world alliance and that will also pull up thousands of things for you to view. I researched for two days and it was amazing of what all I have found. Here are some to help you.
Be careful and don't be fooled with some of these companies. This is in no way to to do anything against these companies other than voicing my freedom of speech since I got a rep that did't give all the information, I wanted to give it to you!

on Dykema Gossett Partners Face Allegations of Legal Misconduct

acn world alliance
what they didn't want you to know

estar network

check out wade - contact michael.brown@localpower.org
fax to Scotland UK +(44)131 625 3334
Tel +(44)131 625 3333

This is just an example and you have to look up information and make phone calls yourself to get all the information exact.
You can check places like the BBB, Attorney General Office, Complaints on the internet, My3cents.com, calling the power company, phone, cell,gas, water,computer and any other company to check things out yourself.
To be perfectly fair here is the website
acninc.com & worldalliance@excite.com
You make up your own mind
*This information is accurate and fair to the best of my knowledge as given by one of their reps as well. I am not liable nor responsible for anything in regards to the freedom of speech listed above nor subject to any law suits. This company as a right to respond if they would like also with no legal reactions from this party either. I only think that people have a right to know that it isn't fair and very much where people are under you in order for you to get paid and like a commision as well you have to really like sell to people and get people under you. You find your own business and it is very much like door to door. It is unsafe for women and you just aren't told everything.
Any company that wants allot of money to start up a business or says you get it right back then it probably is too good to be all true.
Thank you.

I hope you find this helpful and informative before you make that money mistake.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-23:
WOW, Had I known about this beforehand.
I would have been $499+ richer. ACN is a scam! They tell you it's a one time fee to start your own business for $499. Well first off it's not your own business, you pay them to be a contractor.Bottom line your a contractor. And if your like me who found out about ACN through a friend or family member you went to a live presentation and was given a form to fill out. With terms and conditions 1-6 on the agreement that you sign. Well little did I know that on their website is a another set of terms and conditions, 1-over20. Well it turns out that 1-5 of terms and conditions that are on the agreement are the same as on their website but number 6 has been switched the number 6 on the agreement that you sign is about ACN is not responsible if you do not make money, blah blah blah, but number 6 online is about a rep renewal fee.which I was unaware of.So they cut and paste this agreement together so you are never knowing about a renewal when you sign on: here is a statement I made on the ACN webboard:
I was unaware of this renewal fee that has been raised to $99 after further investigation and upon finding this many of my leads as far as rep recruitment goes are now gone. And I also am upset at the fact I was not told about this fee up front. It isn't in my agreement that I signed nor was it mentioned to me, I had to find out about it on a message board. Both my parents were going to join ACN after going to a presentation with Greg Provenzano. They also did not hear anything about a renewal fee. I don't even know if there is a cap on this fee and if so when the fee would stop rising. I understand if there are fees if they are up front, but I also was under the impression that when the company does well that we benefit from it, so why then if we are so lucrative right now are we having our renewal fee doubled? It's not so much a money issue as it is an integrity issue with my friends and family as it is I am understanding so I am not blaming anyone other than ACN for misleading and not providing this information up front , but my friends and family would not be so understanding, which leaves me without a market and therefore no success with ACN.

and here were two reply's from people within ACN:
Your name suggests that you're purpose is to find things to not be happy with. If You need more stuff to use against ACN...I saw a bug on the steps of the offices in Michigan! Imagine...it had big green wings and everything!!
Tell me, what's the future of living in a world of excuses, and nit-picking? The Forbes 400 just came out, I wonder how many whiners are there!
I seems from your message, you told your family and prospects that this was a catch. They might be happy to do ACN but You spoiled it.
If you are leaving ACN, I've got another scam you can occupy your time with,(since this seems to be your sole occupation). CARS!!! You grow up thinking you will do this someday, you never see the adults paying any money, then you go to get yours and , of course the car costs money, but..Who the heck is the DMV, and who gives them the right to take my money???!!!! Insurance???? It's a CONSPIRACY!!! Spread the word! I know you can do it!

ACN has been nothing but fair. There was a time all you had to do was pay a $49.00 fee and come back when you felt like it. There has never been an increase in renewal in all the yrs. at ACN. The price of gas goes up and down who do we complain to. Does your insurance increase each yr. This is a great company that has changed the lives of many. Anyone, if they want it can have a chance to change their lives and the lives of their families. I'm with the other writer. Stop complaining, stay on the boat or get off.
Texas Connection

And here was my final reply to ACN:
It's just very hypocritical that ACN, at least my uplines have preached about the scams of monopolies and how they have underlying fees and catches and how we don't do that here, my argument is why doesn't ACN practice what it preaches, that's all. I was told by ACN that SBC puts you in contracts without letting you know, well they could easily argue that since they have such great service and your using them anyway what does it matter if you are under contract most people don't have a problem with it.Which is the argument ACN gave me. And no I did not tell my family they found it for me, they saw a post online and forwarded it to me, and I checked it out.After they found out that it was true after going to presentations themselves and hearing it was only a $499 one time fee, they wanted nothing to do with it. It seems everyone has great skills for telling me off but not for answering my questions.I stated this to let people know why I was unhappy and see if they could give information that would make me feel different. After reactions here I can see I am doing the right thing by leaving ACN. You will not hear anymore from me, I've said my piece, thank you. And good luck to everyone in ACN!

Needless to say I am not going to be able to get my money back but I am making a formal complaint to the DA's office for consumer fraud.
If anyone has any ?'s reagardign ACN they can contact me @:
Posted by neutral on 2010-08-11:
Im sorry but this review did not help me understand ACN at all. The links dont work and this is more a judgment against a lying friend instead of the ACN company
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-11:
neutral this was posted back in 2003.

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