Coast BMW Nissan Informative - Hideous Service and Out Right Deception

Review by TinkM on 2007-12-29
SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA -- From the first time we went to service to the last time 3 years later we have had nothing but horrible treatment from San Luis Obispo Nissan's Service Department. We leased for 3 years and love the car so bought it. They lied about the warranty added it to our contract, then when they took it off and we paid for it off the contract still are insisting we owe the original loan amount which now is lower as the extended warranty was paid off contract, and we put that amount down instead ontop of what we did originally getting our payments down. Now our credit is under question as Nissan Headquarters insists we pay the first contract and Coast says there is not problem?

This service departments manager has every time we have had a problem denied there is a problem, and when we finally prove there is he has not once said he was sorry for putting us through his arrogance. He has added things to our services that we never asked for, when we asked why it said customer complained of noise when we did not, he said they always put it that way. I wrote Nissan and they said they were not going to even look into it as they did not feel it was a problem, even though the work was done when there was nothing wrong then lied about.

We have a window that sticks and were told to wait until it breaks. We paid $43,000 plus for this car and "Wait until it breaks???"

The so called intellignet key starting blinking on the dash and again they insisted it always blinked. For 3 years I think we should have seen a blinking green light, and that is just ridiculous anyway. So now they say we have to pay $100 as they cannot change the battery after breaking the case when one said it opened another said it does not open. 22,000 miles and its broken already? Then once they did finally give us a battery and stuck it back together for 8 dollars it feel apart in a few weeks, and now we had to go through the hole dance again with a different manager who again is saying, it always blinks. In the rain my wife went out with my key and it did not blink to prove to these arrogant and totally disrespectful Nissan workers.

There are dozens of these stories just with us. And the worst nightmare is their Zylon coating that we paid $900 for and did not want, but were talked into and it failed and of course What Warrenty? The sales manager said quote "I will not put another coat on it" I will buff it and wax it (mind you the Zylon was suppose to keep you from having to wax) and was guaranteed for 5 years but there was no book as it just came out. Now they still have no warranty book but say it has to be something that has eaten through the paint then they will repaint it. We were sold a huge lie about this product which BTW can be purchased on Ebay for $49.95 but that in our opinon is to much. Back to the Carnuba Wax I have always used. The general manager finally said he would get it redone for us. It came back shinny but in weeks failed again and had scratches where they used a dirty cloth to rub off the wax.
And finally the free car washes and oil changes, do it yourself. They are brutal with your car and do a horrible job and scratch it. And do not know how to change the oil as its either to low or to high every single time. Once we were not even sure they had done it.

Its something every time we go. Now its to the point we do not dare take our car back there as they will probably sabatoge it.

The worst of all is Nissan Headquarters will do nothing. So who do you go to? I guess just all over the interent telling people to beware of the lies in sales that when you go to service they basically tell you never happened. Then when you do have a problem they make up these bizzare scenero's so its not a problem. Or when they need a little extra cash make up a problem and put it on your work order saying per the customer???

Stay away from Nissan. Nice car but what good is a nice looking car do that cannot be fixed or the very least maintained.?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-29:
I got about half way through this and cannot understand any of these ramblings!
Posted by The Insider on 2010-01-18:
Extremely hard to understand with little punctuation, grammar, and no spellcheck. :\

Not a fan of Coast either, lately. When I bought my Pathfinder there in '01 under the new management, they were great... and I recommended 2 friends who each bought a new car there. Took it in last year to get a Check Engine light checked out so I could pass smog. $120 to diagnose a bad O2 sensor, $300 to replace it, and another $120 to "reprogram the ECU"... and I'll never recommend another friend to go there. They charged me full book rates on labor when they didn't even have the car in their possession that many hours total = ridiculous! Not to mention I had to take it in 3 times because they ordered the wrong replacement O2 sensor and yet still didn't cut me a break on any labor.

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