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Review by Clermont,fl on 2008-01-07
DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA -- On 12/4/07 [snip] of K & M Enterprise called me to see if I could help her paint a hotel in Melbourne. After talking with her I agreed to help her & at rate of $40.00 per hour, for me & my help. She said her husband Matt would be there with a few guys also. Later the same day her husband Matt called and again we agreed on $40.00 per hour and we would start Thur. 12/06/07. The pay was going to be Thur & Fri. would be paid 12/14/07 the following Fri.

Thur. morning I met Matt & his helper. We looked at the rooms then I got my crew together and started painting. Matt & helper said the were going to another floor to sand drywall. 4 or 5 times he & helper stopped in to check on us. They stayed for about 4 hours then left.

Fri. we were at work when Matt showed up. He wanted to bill the hotel for 25 rooms & a hall ( he got paid by the room & hall). to do this the hotel gave me rooms to stay in so we could work more hours. Matt said that they would let him bill for all work done over the weekend. I stay & worked all weekend.

We work all week 12 to 14 hours to finish the 40 rooms & hall Kristy contracted for. Come Fri Matt shows up freaked out say Kristy had called Fed X and they told her there was no package being delivered to the hotel that day. Matt talked to the hotel and they told him it would be there. Kristy call every delivery place and said no package was coming. I pack up my tool & Matt told us to leave that the hotel was calling the police because he was getting mad.

As soon as he heard the police were coming he jumped in his car and left. I went and talked to the hotel contractor and he said the check was coming. It was just late. Sat. Kristy got her check for $9,200 and told me it was no good. By wed. her story changed many times. 1) the check was no good 2) the bank would only give her a cashier check and it would take 7 days to clear. She paid me $800.00 for Thu. & Fri the 1st week but said the rest would be later. I had to file a lien against the hotel & still have not been paid.

Kristy still had another check coming but with me putting the lien on the hotel she said she didn't get it. To this day Kristy got over $9,200 from the hotel & owes me $3,360.00.

She just won't pay. The hotel told me to put the lien on the property and give them a copy. She just says the cashier check has not cleared. I was to be paid by the hour. How she gets paid is up to her. I worked & painted the rooms with my tool and I only got $800.00 out of $4,160.00 owed. Her husband & helper never worked helping paint as she said they would. I was only there to help and ended up doing all the work. Unpaid I should add.

This is a great way for a company to do there help. At the end of the day Kristy made over $9,000 has a check coming for $3,600 clearing over $12,000 for her company, $800.00 for me & a $3,360.00 lien for the hotel.

Good job [snip].
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-07:
Did you have a signed contract? If all you have in your favor is a phone call then there might be legal problems on your end. This business about a cashiers check not clearing is nonsense. Someone is lying.
Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-01-07:
Go to small claims court - suddenly I bet you get paid.

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