National Magazine Exchange Informative - Letter looks suspiciously crude - Phishing anybody?

Review by Dogless on 2008-01-10
This particular "sweepstakes" announcement looks like it may be a bogus, crude attempt at getting personal financial information over the phone by asking the recipient to call an 800 number in Clearwater FL.
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Posted by Mario The Great on 2008-01-10:
Dogless, I just did a quick Google search and came up with this:

I am a current employee, who is trying to do the opposite of what management tells me to do. Management would like the sales reps (SSA's) to enter the person in the sweepstakes and than hammer them with magazines, whether they want them or not. This is called an UP when the person picks magazines and than is transferred to the verifier for billing. Once the verifier receives the caller, it is close to being all over for that person. This is where the strong-arm tactics and left out information starts. Management and trainers are telling the SSA's to get the up no matter what.

This is the CEO of National Magazine Exchange and here is his Motto!!!!! All should see this monster!
The strength and growth of SDP is attributed to our team of professionals who demonstrate every day their dedication and integrity.
- Bill Hood, CEO

The favorite saying in the office is 'LIARS ARE BUYERS'. We are told to keep pushing them to pick magazines even after the caller has told us NO, more than 5 times. The sad thing about this whole operation is the lack of ethics involved. Most of the staff is very young and very greedy, which in turn creates an environment of false information and lies. The only employees who do well at National Magazine Exchange are the ones without a conscience. That is where I come into play. I have set out to do the opposite of what management tells me and listen to the caller, and have some compassion for these people. I am not making much money, but I feel good about myself when I finish my shift. I am close to being fired for lack of performance, being as I am under the 'ROOM AVERAGE'. Management does not like to see anyone think for themselves, but just get the 'UP'. I even had my supervisor tell me that in 8 years of being a manager at N.M.E., he has not lost one unemployment compensation claim. What does this tell you? It is all about greed. I had a caller who told me she was 92 years old and had glaucoma, which means she could not read. I did not try and make her say no 5 times, and I was cautioned to use all rebuttals or I could be written up. They love to throw that in your face, I guess that intimidates some employees.

Now for the good part, it looks like they are starting to run out of people who have not heard of N.M.E., so they are changing the mail pieces and the script. The new mail pieces do not even list what the mail is about; 'NO RULES' is the name of the sweepstakes. N.M.E. is even sending out mail pieces with a new company name on them, 'NEW TIMES AND TRADITION'. If this company were honest, why would they use two company names unless they were trying to fool the callers?

If the caller does not want magazines, they must be offered at least 4 other opportunities to receive something. N.M.E. makes 40% of their profit from magazine sales and 60% of profit from these other offers. There is an offer for a Gateway Computer for only $35.00 a WEEK!! Another offer is for a complimentary 5 star vacation. Also, an offer for a Direct TV system. And finally an offer for a $25.00 pre-paid gas card, or a $25.00 Wal-Mart gift card. It makes sense that Wal-Mart would be in bed with N.M.E.

Bottom line is I will keep going against what N.M.E. wants a Subscription Sales Associate to do, and do what is right for the caller. I might not last much longer, but I feel great about what I am trying to accomplish. I have been in several sales positions, and I have never seen any operation based on greed and left out information as National Magazine Exchange. Hope there will be others like me who will not just focus on the money, but what is right for the caller. In the long run N.M.E. will continue to take advantage of the less educated and elderly, but even if I prevent one more person from spending hundreds of dollars that they had no idea they were spending, I have really done my JOB!

Palm Harbor, Florida
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-01-10:
I would strongly advice throwing that in the trash.
Posted by sunny08 on 2008-12-21:
I quite agree with both of you. It is a scam and I have never seen anyone "win" the sweepstakes, nor have I ever met anyone who has

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