Town Center Nissan Complaint - Deceptive, Shady, Fraudulent, Unprofessional

Review by carbuyer25 on 2008-01-14
KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- Interested in buying or leasing a new car, I filled out an application online on Town Center Nissan's website. I called and was given Doug Smith as my sales person. He processed my application. I went in to the Town Center Nissan dealership. The first thing I asked Doug was to make sure I was approved for the credit before I even began looking at a Pathfinder. He came back and told me there was no problem, that I was approved. I chose a car from the lot, signed all the paperwork for the lease and was told my paperwork would be processed and sent to the tag office for me to get my tag. Doug Smith thanked me for leasing the car, as they had made their quota for the week.

On November 17th, 2007, I received a letter in the mail from Nissan's leasing company telling me that I wasn't approved for the credit. Confused, I called and spoke to Doug Smith. He told me that a lot of customers get that letter, but not to worry, I had been approved and the paperwork should be sent to the tag office soon. I called the tag office several times the following week and they didn't have my VIN number in their system. Since my temporary dealer tag was about to expire, I called Town Center Nissan again telling them that the tag office still hadn't received my paperwork. They said that there must have been a mistake and to come in and they would give me another temporary tag.

I arrived at Town Center Nissan on 12/17/07. I spoke with the customer service representative. She referred me to the finance person who then informed me that I hadn't been approved for the credit on the vehicle. At this point, I had the Pathfinder for six weeks and had since sold my other car (privately). How could they all of a sudden tell me I wasn't approved!?!? If I was told I wasn't approved in the first place I could have made other arrangements to purchase a car. They had the nerve not only to offer me the option of leasing or buying a lower priced vehicle. (Yeah right!) Like I would have wanted to do business with them at that point. They also had the never to offer me a free oil change for my trouble (whoopie). Not that it would have helped me since I sold my other car.

I would never do business with Town Center Nissan again, nor would I recommend them to ANYONE. They have committed fraud, in my opinion, and they have shady, deceiving and underhanded business practices. I'm not sure what they get out of doing this to people. I didn't put any money down, so I'm not out any money, but I'm out the new vehicle I had for six weeks and was excited about, as well as the car I already owned, not to mention the time I spent dealing with a bunch of morons. But, I guess they won't able to sell the Pathfinder as new, as it has 1500 miles on it. However, maybe they don't care, they seemed more interested in making their quota.
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Posted by Aerocave on 2008-01-14:
This is the old "spot deliver the car and worry about the financing later" mess that some dealerships unfortunately still get themselves in...It is unfair to the customer and, in some states, the dealership cannot "tell the customer that they have to return the car" after a certain time frame--you may want to check that out. My guess is they ran your credit bureau, saw that the approval might be quesitonable, but either an F&I Manager or Sales Manager with an ego "made the call" to deliver the vehicle--without an approval. And then to top it off, the dealership must lack proper organization and policies if they let you stay in the vehicle for 6 weeks without trying to rectify the situation. I wouldn't want to deal with them either.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-14:
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-14:
Aerocave= Best answer

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