Indiana Dept. Of Motor Vehicles - License Renewal Informative - Do Not Renew Your Plates Or Tags By Mail

Review by oldisgood on 2008-01-18
INDIANA -- I mailed a check to the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my plates for '08. The check was cashed but I had not received my tags (All you get in Indiana is a little sticker that says "08. You keep the same plates. They stated they renewed them. I asked what address did you send them to. They said ---- 85th Ave. in Crown Point. I said "Why" I sold that house in l998. The girl said to wait a minute and put me on hold. She came back and said, "You will have to go to the license bureau in person to pick up the tags because they are probably not going to be returned. I said, that's not acceptable since I am in Arizona until mid-April. She said, "wait a minute" and put me on hold again. 10 minutes later she came back and said her supervisor said that that was all they could do. I explained to her that that was NOT an option and that I would like to speak to her supervisor please.

The supervisor got on the phone (after another 5 minutes on hold) and asked what I would like her to do. I said, I would like you to send me another set of tags to the proper address that was on the license form and also on the check that was enclosed. I said I did not create the problem and was not a happy camper. She stated that the best they could do was to send a 30 day permit that would not be valid in Arizona and then to go to the license bureau and get new tags. I asked why the license bureau would be inclined to just hand over a set of tags. No response. She claimed that the 85th Ave address was on the form. I have the bottom half of the same form and it definitely has my proper Indiana address.

I asked her how I possibly could have registered a 2003 minivan to an address that I hadn't had (remember, I sold the house) since 1998. Again, no answer. I told them it was their fault and I was not going to be suffering because of their mistake. At this point I was again put on hold for about 10 minutes and then suddenly transferred to some kind of administrator, who, of course, was not in the office and to leave a message. I left a message and my phone in Arizona. Then the line was disconnected. Almost 60 minutes on my cell phone (I plugged it into the charger as I was speaking) and NOTHING.

Of course no one called back. Sad to say I will not be the only one in this predicament I am sure. Indiana people, if you have moved in the last 25 years, please, please go to the license bureau in person if you want your tags. DO NOT send in the mail for them.

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