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Review by Kattzclawz on 2008-01-19
SUSANVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- I have a 2002 Landrover Freelander, at 34,000 Miles the Transmission went out and had to be replaced. The windows broke and would not roll up and down due to cheap plastic parts and they were repaired and broke again, the sunroof did the same thing and was repaired and is broken again, I have had two or three recalls and now at 65,000 miles the engine overheated and blew up and I was told by a mechanic they received a notice that the Freelanders had a faulty thermostat housing which as a customer I was never sent. My vehicle has 65,000 miles and is now worthless. The parts are so expensive to get and the car will start but all the fluids, oil and coolant poured out after I had stopped the car because the gauge that shows the car over heating wasn't working and I smelled something hot.

I am so disappointed to pay so much for a vehicle that is supposed to be top of the line and have it fall apart like cheap junk.
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Posted by Aerocave on 2008-01-19:
I hate to tell you this, but I have seen this on Land Rovers time and time again...They are expensive to buy new or used, the reliability is horrible, parts are extremely expensive, and even an oil change will set you back. Why these vehicles still sell at all is a mystery to me. We sold a used one about 3 months ago and to date, we now have lost money on the deal from all the "chargebacks" for problems that we have had to take car of. This is a repeat of another one we sold a year or so ago...No more Land Rovers for our dealership! I've written before about "There's always 1 problem vehicle with any make or model." This does not apply to Land Rovers...They are all problem vehicles. In my opinion they are overpriced junk.
Posted by Shermie on 2008-02-01:
100% Accurate. The Land Rover Freelander is a total failure of a vehicle. Shame on Land Rover. The news needs to be spread so that people will not buy their products. Land Rover should be taken to court as soon as possible. The problem is that they have great lawyers and a Freelander Class Action suit attempt failed. I own a 2002 Freelander. Would NEVER buy another Land Rover again, NEVER.
Posted by Taipan on 2008-02-07:
I have had a Land Rover for ten years. I have driven British cars for almost 50 years and I am used to their vagaries,specifically their electrical problems. I stopped in to the Land rover dealer in Tacoma,WA to buy a part. They did not have it but were willing to "order "it for a total price of $49.56. I declined because It was a lot simpler to go to my local mechanic and get one nade for $15.00. It was a simple hose,nothing elaborate. I asked them for a copy of the electrical diagram. Again not a big thing,it could be easily Xeroxed from their shop manual. No,they refered me to a third party who wanted to charge me the sum of $145.oo for the information.
Again ,I declined.
I will never buy another Land Rover product nor will I ever buy a product from their parent company ,FORD.
Ford is in a stock decline of catastrophic proportions and it is attributable to lousy mangement at all levels.
Land Rover had a good legend behind it and I have taken mine places that would challenge others but nothing is worth the parts premium that they extort after the vehicle falls apart.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-02-07:
I have never understood the attraction to this brand. Expensive, poor repair history, and IMHO, not a good looking vehicle regardless of year or model.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-02-07:
Ya live, ya learn, ya die and forget it all.

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